[ADV] [4H] ZENGAKU! Expansion Pack [Sana]

Title / タイトル: ぜんがく!紗奈アペンド / ZENGAKU! Expansion Pack [Sana]
Brand / ブランド: 4H
Release / 販売日: 2018/05/18
File size / ファイル容量: 2.60GB

A sub heroine of “ZENGAKU!”, Sana Koori’s expansion pack finally comes up for sale!
Enjoy syrupy sweet days with this pure-minded, maternal and gal-like girl!

For her slightly too sharp eyes and flashy appearance, Sana kind of sticks out like
a sore thumb among students from noble families in this highly prestigious academy.
While getting acquainted with her in this training camp, you come to realize that
she is empathetic and pure-minded in heart, having overflowing maternal instinct
that makes her true nature molly-coddling kind.
In this expansion pack, you can be the partner of Sana and even deepen
the relationship both mentally and physically!

– Strip her clothes off one by one in the order of your choice!
– Sana stands naked against men with social power but…apply t
– Sana wearing nothing but a kimono shows her nudity every time she meets a person…
– Sana washes Chris’ body using her plump boobs in a men’s bath! As it goes on, she finds it fun…
– Classmate girls do squats! But when peeping Toms gather to see it…

Contains approx. 16 scenes of such humiliating events!
Moreover, Alice (main heroine of the original game) and Toujou-san appear in some events!

A heartwarming romance comedy adolescent exhibition & humiliation style porno!
Of course, the heroines are FULLY VOICED! This time Kanon Toujou is also voiced!!

12 base CG + 2 variations of scenes from the original game = 14
The amount of text scales about 60-70% of the original game, which is at least… Decent!
Save, Load, CG Gallery, Reminiscence Mode and Pose Art Viewer are all implemented.

* This title is an expansion pack of:
“ZENGAKU! ~Special Training Camp for a Naked Week~”.
the original game for the best experience.

– This product was created with Livemaker
– 1280×720 screen resolution (less than this is not supported)
– Contains mainly expressions of exhibition and humiliation
with not really that much focus on penetrative sex.

* As of May 17th 2018, this product contains standalone version only.
However, another version to be applied to the original game as an update patch
is currently under development. This is planned to be added to this product
so please make sure to purchase this product with DLsite account for the update.






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[ADV] [gyakuryu-soft] The Princess & The Guard

Title / タイトル: 姫様と警備兵 / The Princess & The Guard
Brand / ブランド: 逆流そふと / gyakuryu-soft
Release / 販売日: 2014/08/20
File size / ファイル容量: 479MB

*** This product is scheduled for a price reduction of 300 yen in July 2016 ***

* Concept
A Silhouette Cuckoldry tale from the middle ages of a fantasy kingdom.

* Story
In Rivelle, princess Rina the Third was happily in love with her personal guard Aren.
They had felt this way since they were both young.
While the kingdom was at peace, a cloud of unrest had begun to form.
There were also many men who coveted the princess,
men who posed a threat to the happiness and future of Aren and Rina……

* Features
– character pose art as silhouettes
– object overlay and silhouetting in events
– over 30 base images, over 100 total incl. variations
– over 20 flashbacks
– fully voiced female character

Please note that faces are covered in CGs.
This is a tale of heartbreak not recommended for those who insist on a happy ending.

* Includes patch for toggling to window mode
Livemaker games usually distort and stretch to fullscreen, but with this patch
you can choose from windowed 16:9, 16:10 or default 4:3 aspect ratio.

* Includes patch for silhouette customization
Alter the strength of silhouettes in events from 10% up to 50%.







[RPG] [mindstone] Haramase Quest [Batorape] Legend of the 21 Rapes

Title / タイトル: 孕ませクエスト『バトレイプ』~21人強姦伝説~ / Haramase Quest [Batorape] Legend of the 21 R*pes
Brand / ブランド: マインドストーン / mindstone
Release / 販売日: 2012/12/20
File size / ファイル容量: 349MB

What if you were chosen to cum in as many girls as possible?

A man of life debauched was visited by the angel Haramielle.
She said unto him,
1. The balance of Tamashi’s celestial and underworld hath become ungood
2. The underworld uprises with the influence of many ladies. We seek thy willingness
3. A magnificent power shall be bestowed upon thee
To which he replied, “WTF is going on.”

Will you deliver Tamashi from a tragic fate by divine request?
Will you impregnate their women, and save the world….?

* The target is 21!
Go wild in the streets: JK, OL, nurse, wife, maid,
mistress, shrine maiden, bar bunny girl, hustler, etc.
Stalk the school zone for girls in various club outfits,
do the cute teacher too…!
It sounds like a dream, but do you have the stamina to r*pe them all?
There’s not just humans, but demon girls and angels and more!

* Battle r*pe system
Make your move in battle when the time is right with the “ravish” command.
A successful copulation will result in a little blessing of joy, thanks to your superpower!
Attack, assault, transgress, commit! Now’s your chance to knock her up!

* Permanent recruit
You can recruit a girl from battle to fight on your side with a bit of brainwashing.
They have different battle powers, but you can only recruit 1 girl, 1 time.
She’s your companion. Who will you choose? Who will you pass over hoping for something better?

* Hints and tips
Strength isn’t everything. You can defeat high powered enemies with the right gear and tactics.
Don’t give up if you lose. Keep an eye out for weak points and experiment with a new weapon or companion.
Simply leveling up your stats is not the key to victory!

* Save anywhere, anytime
Use this feature frequently to make risks into fun gambles.
Save and pop into a dangerous new area. Reload if you fail.
It’s good to save before and after all boss fights!

* New Game +
Multiple playthroughs make it very easy
to save up money and experience different styles!






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[RPG] [T-ENTA-P] Bounty Hunter 3 Ver.1.0

Title / タイトル: バウンティハンター3 / Bounty Hunter 3
Brand / ブランド: ティー・エンタ・ぴー / T-ENTA-P
Release / 販売日: 2018/05/18
File size / ファイル容量: 254MB

— The era of swords is over. The era of guns has begun —

A town located in the easternmost area of the kingdom Surplace
once enjoyed its prosperity along with resource exploitation.

A large number of people came here from the central cities in search
of jobs and financial gains. Nowadays they occupy the majority of
the town’s population, driving the original dwellers off the town away.

A bounty hunter steps foot in the town…

////////////////// Gameplay
You ought to search out bounties on the list in the town of criminals Surplace.
Then catch them by winning battles. There are 10 wanted bulletins.

While doing her job as a bounty hunter, Mina’s purpose to come to this town,
whereabouts of a gun broken down into pieces and the true enemy will be revealed.

In this game, it is possible to strengthen equipment using prize money and buy real estate.

< Real Estate >
Normal houses and commercial shops are available for sale.
You can situate home furnishings you bought in normal houses.
Perhaps it leads to a cohabitation life with a woman to be in an erotic relationship.

You can gain additional income and get profit from being the owner of shops when having shops.
But please beware that nonpayment of salaries may result in the shop closing down.

She can also make money in casino, jobs and prostitution.
Somethings can only be attained in casino and jobs.

< Drinking >
Her “level of drunkenness” increases when she drinks alcohol.
It takes about 2 hours to return “level of drunkenness”.
If the level of drunkenness reaches 120, she falls unconscious.
Risks of being r*ped exist in some places.

“Toilet” indicator increases over time and by drinking.
When it is over 50 urination in a restroom is possible.
Depending on how much she eats, defecation is possible as well.

< Toilet >
If she continues walking while “toilet” indicator is 100 for a certain length of time,
she hides from others’ eyes and urinates.

< Pose Art >
During which a pose art is displayed, when you put a mouse cursor on the pose art,
it changes into hand cursor and then you can touch her body. Touching increases excitement level.

< Excitement Level >
“Excitement level” increases upon shameful wearing and H (other than sex).
Sex, masturbation and sleeping decrease excitement level.

* Speed of thrusting can be adjusted in H scenes (with few exceptions).
When a gauge reaches maximum it causes an ejaculation or an orgasm.
On / Off cross-sectional view and H dialogues during speed adjustment switchable.

////////////////// Heroine

A bounty hunter who has a handgun in right hand, steel-made shield in left hand
and a sword once used by her mother in a sword sling on her waist.

A serious hunter bearing grudge against evilness.
But salacious in heart so tends to lose herself in pleasure.






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[RPG] [Triangle!] Kunoichi Tsubaki Ver.1.00

Title / タイトル: くノ一椿 / Kunoichi Tsubaki
Brand / ブランド: とらいあんぐる! / Triangle!
Release / 販売日: 2018/05/18
File size / ファイル容量: 455MB

Defeat H, seduction, erotic traps, whorehouse etc…
A simple & easy RPG of Kunoichi (female ninja) comes with plenty of H situations!

* Overview
— Synopsis

In the Sengoku period……

Evil beings that prey on humans’ ill wills
called “Busho” are rampant around.

Under Busho’s threatening oppression,
people have no option but to obey them.

Into the darkened world penetrates a ray of light—-

Owning power countervailing Busho,
yet likewise lurking in the darkness.

People call them “Kunoichi”—-

* Concept & H Situations

To punish Busho threatening people, they gather information around the town in the daytime.
With enough information, sneak into the castle and strike enemies down using various Jutsu (arts of ninja)!

– Defeat H
They say Kunoichi is a Japanese type of Kukkoro (“Damn, kill me!” situations typical for female knights).
Which means being defeated by an enemy means r*pe! Although Tsubaki is
highly-skilled agent especially in erotic techniques, she drowns in sexual pleasure.

– Seduction
She uses temptation techniques to get information.
Get close to the target in the guise of a waitress,
get useful information by means of erotic seduction!

– Traps
Of course, there are various traps situated in the castle for security.
If she overlooks the presence of a trap and falls into it……?

– Whorehouse
The economy allows no one to live on without money. Kunoichi is not an exception.
If you want to earn money quickly, working in a whorehouse can be recommended.
But if she does too much in a whorehouse… Well, check it out in the retail version!

* Systems

– Backstab Attack
Press the OK button right behind an enemy to carry out a backstab attack.
It causes the enemy to faint, resulting in avoidance of combat.

– Henge no Jutsu (art of transformation)
With enough lewdness power, she can transform
into a cat in dungeons by holding the A button.

While the effect of Henge no Jutsu goes on, the enemies’ sights
disappear but she cannot carry out backstab attack at the same time.

During which Henge no Jutsu is effective, lewdness power decreases over time.
Also, she cannot move on to the adjacent maps while it is activated.

– Pleasure Level
Tsubaki’s pleasure level increases after each H scene.
Pleasure level boosts up Tsubaki’s lewd power, lust and strength.

– Lewd Power
Lewd power increase upon enemies’ sexual attacks.

The more lewd power, the more Tsubaki’s moves deal damage.
But it has a disadvantage that she becomes more vulnerable to enemies’ attacks.

When lewd power reaches maximum, Tsubaki goes in “in heat” condition.

“In heat” has both advantages and disadvantages.
Use this feature wisely to cope with different situations.

* “In heat” condition can be canceled by one of her Ninjutsu (art of ninja) “Seishin Touitsu (mental concentration)”.

– Sexual Attacks
Sometimes enemies carry out restraining attacks.
While being restrained Tsubaki will continuously be given H attacks.

Use one of her Ninjutsu “Taisei wo Totonoeru (fix posture)” to escape from restraint!

~ And More Convenient Functions Are Implemented! ~
– Seduction
– H Scene Skip
– You can choose to see / skip scenes you have seen
– Load

* Characters

– Tsubaki
The protagonist. Having finished the ordeal in the Ninja Village, now approved as a Kunoichi.
Serious in missions but sometimes shows ignorance and carelessness.
Because she successfully overcame the ordeal, she is very confident in durability against sexual attacks.

– Aoi
One of Tsubaki’s fellows. Is yet to pass the ordeal but accompanies Tsubaki
as a supporter. Characterized by optimistic and easygoing personality. Not so much
against erotic things, so she sometimes takes information by means of temptation.

– Yuzu
A daughter of Echigoya living in the town. A tenderhearted girl but annoyed by her arrogant father.






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[RPG] [Bohemian] Orc Story Ver.1.3

Title / タイトル: オークものがたり / Orc Story
Brand / ブランド: Bohemian
Release / 販売日: 2018/03/18
File size / ファイル容量: 287MB

The protagonist is you yourself, born as an orc.

Your peaceful days slowly passing together with friends has suddenly been ceased…

Unique characters you will meet in the middle of your journey, which is filled with tears, smiles and violence.

Now, it’s time to massacre…!

* 32 + 12 H events / Reminiscence room contained
(addition of contents is planned in updates. planned to contain 40-50 H events in total)

* Employs symbol encounter system that prompts battles.

Explore around dungeons to get stronger equipment.

Over 250 kinds of equipment ranging from common to legendary!






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[RPG] [CircleKAME] Arms Devicer! Ver.1.41d

Title / タイトル: アームズ・デバイサー!+ / Arms Devicer!
Brand / ブランド: さーくる亀 / CircleKAME
Release / 販売日: 2012/12/02
File size / ファイル容量: 603MB

-The tale of a lone shojo who becomes the hero-
An epic story of love, friendship, violation, delusion,
hope and despair…

Arms Devicer! is a traditional H-RPG.
28 base CGs + 104 scenes (incl. variations)
For those who like a female protagonist with sex scenes
determined by your choices, for fans of ecchi outfits,
for fans of SRW’s Ryune Z*ldark, and for folks who
love prostitution, exploration of strange new worlds
and go all moe for topless and bottomless hentai!

Rio had a disagreement with her father and left home
on an adventure of myriad experiences to become a woman.
Her story is your choice. (You can win the game as a virgin.)

Split route! Depending in who you befriend,
the second half of the game will change. Check
out all this game has to offer.

No game over! (There is a bad ending though.)






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[RPG] [Lovely Pretty Ultra Loving You] The Pregcess of Zeven Ver.1.07

Title / タイトル: ゼヴェンの孕姫 / The Pregcess of Zeven
Brand / ブランド: ラブリープリチー超愛してる / Lovely Pretty Ultra Loving You
Release / 販売日: 2018/04/19
File size / ファイル容量: 335MB

For some reason, a square-headed Princess Knight Leticia has comes to a town that is full of men.
There she gets sexually harassed again and again and ends up to be the townspeople’s shared pregbride
in this exhibition and humiliation specialized hack & slash-ish dungeon RPG!!!

* Overview *****
– Genre: ‘Falling Preg’ Hack & Slash-ish Dungeon RPG
– CG Count: 40~ base
– H Scene Count: 100~
– Basic Functions: Scene Reminiscence, Message Skip, Back Log, Window Obscuring,
BGM Adjustment, High-Speed Battle, Selectable Difficulty Level etc.
Employs most functions typical in HRPGs.

* Synopsis ****
A seaside town Zeven enjoys its prosperity as the hub of maritime traffics.
There is a dungeon called “Sea God’s Shrine” in which savage monsters reside.
To conquer the She God’s Shrine for various reasons, a Princess Knight Leticia
steps foot in Zeven incognito, in the guise of an adventurer.
…… However, it turns out that the land-specific climates have made Zeven
filled only with male inhabitants all desperately lusting for women!!
Placed here as the only woman, Leticia is now an object of all men’s
robust sexual desires! Organizational sexual harassment! Various
lewd acts demanded in return to equipment and accommodation!
Will Leticia’s chastity be kept untainted when she conquers the She God’s Shrine!?

* Situations ****
Contains loads of facilities and situations typical in HRPGs.
– Weapon Shop
Due to some private issue, the retailer does not sell things to Leticia.
He requests her to strip off right there before he sells what she wants……

– Bar
Leticia dances on a stage in order to earn money for her exploration.
But audience’s requests gradually escalate……

– Public Bath
Leticia has got to take baths with men because there is no women’s section available.
Although she first hides her body using towels and swimwear, eventually……

– Inn
The inn owner overcharges Leticia. He says he will give her shelter
upon working in the bar so she hesitantly says yes. Then he gives her a costume……

– Casino
Leticia loses in gambles and gets a debt. To work in the casino is one way to repay……

– Magic Shop
Taken control of bodily movement by a spell……

– With more and more scenes, H scenes in this game count over 100.

* Game System ****
– Explore the dungeon with your own style. Be creative to make unique
combinations of equipment, elements and classes.

– Difficulty Levels
Three difficulty level options selectable.
Not that interested in RPG? Choose “Namekuji (Slug)” to clear this game without frustration!

– Randomly Generated Map
Dungeon map, drop items and level are randomly generated.

– Equipment
There are over 200 kinds of equipment in the Sea God’s Shrine.
Different equipment possesses different special abilities.

– Element
Charge her equipment with “elements” you got in the Sea God’s Shrine
to add more abilities. Over 100 kinds of elements allow you to make your original equipment.
For example:
Element of Fire [12%]:
Deals extra 12% fire elemental damage (when set to weapons)
Reduces fire elemental damage by 12% (when set to armors)

– Class Change System
You can choose the heroine’s combat style from eight (at most) classes
such as swordwoman, sorceress, priestess and so on.
Each class has its own skill tree. Get abilities and skills wisely.






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[RPG] [Minwa] Three squirrels R twelve maidens of Mahoroba

Title / タイトル: 三枚のおふだR まほろばの十二妖女
Brand / ブランド: ミンワ
Release / 販売日: 2018/05/16
File size / ファイル容量: 785MB

If you crush your heart … will be fascinated!
If you lose, you will be sucked a liver · · ·.
Temptation of the girls · I can not endure the coloring mechanism
Show the strength of a person!

12 heroines!
RPG to survive Yatsuyama!

A hero who decided to live in “Yokai no Mt.” for some reason.
To the girls who smoke and degenerate human beings, to live a life aimed at the body day by day …

Tentacles, mucus, brainwashing · · ·
The temptation of the magical power of their girls shoots off the hero’s will ….

Sometimes we are exploited while being despised …
Sometimes courtship is gently “falling asleep” into courage …

Ogre · Orochi · Girl · Spider · Karakuri · Yoko · etc · · ·
Youkai who resurrected by R designation from the world of fairy tales invites you into a magical swamp …

Pay attention to 12 heroines mixed with human demons!






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[RPG] [yukinokoubou] The Silvery White Ixia Ver.1.01

Title / タイトル: 白銀のイクシア / The Silvery White Ixia
Brand / ブランド: ゆきの工房 / yukinokoubou
Release / 販売日: 2018/04/06
File size / ファイル容量: 1.22GB

* The Game’s Features *
Enjoy an authentic RPG with erotic features as well!

When you are defeated by bosses, the girls in your party are r*ped!
Enjoy test battles and situations in this game!

Also enjoy love-filled sex with the girls in your party…
A game where you can experience love and r*pe!!

* Battle System *
“The Silvery White Ixia” incorporates an Active Time Battle system.
Both enemies and allies have action gauges, allowing you to enjoy a thrilling battle.

As you input commands for your characters, the action gauges will stop,
allowing you to plan your next move.

* Growth System *
Each character can learn a special ability called “Ixia”.
There are different systems for learning Ixia, which broadens your strategy during battle.

In addition to raising your characters, choosing which character to use in battle is another
fun part of this game!

* Sex Scenes *
– Includes CG mode!
– Includes Reminiscence mode!
– Over 60 CGs including variations!
– Over 50 sex scenes!

This is yukinokoubou’s first work, who poured their soul into both the story and the sex scenes.
Please enjoy playing “The Silvery White Ixia”!






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