Title / タイトル: Rabbit Burn
Brand / ブランド: Bio Sapiens
Release / 販売日: 2018/07/10
File size / ファイル容量: 561MB

■ Overview
As a result of dark evolution of classical billiard games like modern PCs with full of modern technology,
A chaotic game was born, in which a half-naked rabbit man and a bunny girl running around in explosive flame and orgy.

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The hero who received a strange mail and was abducted by a rabbit maskman (you).
It was the casino ‘Rabbit House’ that was brought in. There used to be a game like an orgy party.

When you control all the stages, you will be greeted as a new owner.

■ Main System
Wondering if it is a classic billiard, suddenly the Raipa began …
When the ball is shot, the character acts with full auto, blowing off the disturbing fellow
Let’s guide your character well and let the whole bunny girl commit.

■ Collection mode
In collection mode you can call up your favorite character and you can listen to the H scene thoroughly.

■ Voice
Tiger Lily
涼 涼 cool
Maria Ayana
Momoka Yuzuki