Title / タイトル: デンジャラスバイオロジー ~ゾンビVS女捜査官~
Brand / ブランド: マシーナリー
Release / 販売日: 2018/07/11
File size / ファイル容量: 17MB

Looking down type shooting action to solve the mystery of the mansion while getting rid of zombies
Graphics include complete dot drawings including event scenes, and erotic animation of creature opponents
The difficulty level is considerably lower

○ Synopsis
Female investigator belonging to AKT (Phantom troops), Suzumi Uemura, sneaks into a mansion following the frequent missing incident.
There was also the influence of the missing case of the university student who existed immediately before, although it was a sparrow that is obliged to have dangerous single infiltration … …
Gas causing estrus, zombie committing woman, dubious research material …… Can Suzuki safely survive !?

※ Although it is the same world view as past work “Light Equipment Light Exerciser”, “Cat Fish Woman” “Core Noid”, there is no connection to the content.

○ System
· Battle difficulty level is considerably lower, exploration adventure element is main
· Switch bullets and shoot zombies, you can see erotic animation according to the type of enemy
· There is no type of event to lose and collect collectively. Please annihilate the enemy with confidence

○ Use
Playing time: 1 hour 30 minutes
Capacity: about 18 MB
Production tool: WOLF RPG editor

○ Ver1.01
Some bugs were fixed.
Along with that, we will recommend re-downloading if you have already purchased it.
You can take over by saving the save data by copying it,
As a precaution we recommend that you keep a backup.