Title / タイトル: なりきりエルフさん / Narikiri Elf
Brand / ブランド: 草原市場 / Sougen Ichiba
Release / 販売日: 2007/11/04
File size / ファイル容量: 27MB

A Fight Off Their Clothes action game featuring Elf having to battle it out while cosplaying as a maid, a shrine maiden, a chinese girl, and more!

Once you’ve kicked the crap out of the monsters that try to get in your way, you get to the boss.
When you’ve beaten the boss, sit back and enjoy the CG show!
(As a bonus, there are also high difficulty extra stages!)

The different costumes feature different special moves.
The moves that deplete the gauge are all very strong.
Please master the gameplay!

* Important Notes *
The video card on some notebook computers do not work properly with the game, resulting in the game not being able to start up.
There have also been instances of the game not responding, so please check out the trial version and make sure that the game works properly for you.