[Aerisetta] LUST RUSH [v0.2.2]

Release Date: 2023-12-29
Developer: Aerisetta – PatreonSubscribeStar Itch.ioTwitter DiscordPixiv
Censored: No
Version: 0.2.2
OS: Windows
Language: English

The city is on the brink of collapse with the latest drug craze, LUST RUSH, a drug that drives people insane with sexual desire. Undercover cop Siena infiltrates a criminal drug ring to find the source for the drug, but is captured and injected with LUST RUSH.
Luckily, she has special training to resist the effects of LUST RUSH, but how long can she hold out for?
Meanwhile, there’s only one way to defeat the lust crazed gangsters in her way…MAKE THEM CUM!
Use the FEMTALITY FINISHER to make enemies cum to defeat them. The finisher scene is dependent on your combo count, a different scene every 5 hits.
(Note: This is an early prototype, there is no tutorial, if you need help, please ask)​

Up/Left/Down/Right – W/A/S/D
Attack – J
Special Attack – K
Change Stance – Tab


  • 2 Handjob Finisher Animations Added
  • 1 Handjob Loss Animation Added
  • 2 Footjob Finisher Animations Added
  • 3 Footjob Loss Animation Added
  • 1 Ass Worship Finisher Animations Added
  • 1 Ass WorshipLoss Animation Added
  • Reorganized Combo Finisher Activation Structure (Different every 5 hits)
  • Added Foot Fetish voice lines for Footjob scenes


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