Title / タイトル: オレの彼女は堕ちてない!
Brand / ブランド: 陰陽倶楽部
Release / 販売日: 2017/12/23
File size / ファイル容量: 895MB

Tomoki Taniyama. Worked on a medium-sized house maker. 3 years ago I am a member of a family branch in a local city in Kanto area, Yuki city.

My wife, a flower tomorrow. housewife. Between the two who came 10 years after student marriage, ○ a student’s one and only girl.

A daily scenery of a happy family, with work and private at first sightful sailing.

… … However, until the marriage from the encounter of the two, there was a secret event that the world never wanted to know … …

Have you ever imagined “What will happen to the hero after this ending and heroine … …” after playing the crippled work?
The theme of this story, which will be the debut work of Yin Yang Club, is’ ‘Lie down’ ‘and’ Later life ”.
The heroine tomorrow flower and the hero Tomoki ‘s unfortunate past, and it will draw a shadow to the lives of the two again by the time.

This work “My girlfriend is not falling!” Will be the first half of the story, which draws from the encounter of Mr. and Mrs. Taniyama until marriage, the story.
The second part which depicts the present ten years after marriage “Your wife is falling. The scenario has already been almost completed, and now he is keenly working.

※ trial version = free version, you can play until the ending of the first route of the paid version main part.
In this volume, after this initial route, heroine will draw out the event that happened to her in detail from a flower perspective tomorrow.

Please note that save version data of free version can be read directly into paid version main body,
You can start this story soon from the core part of the story without having to play the first route again.

Contents of main contents
■ Text Capacity: Approximately 500 kb
■ Basic CG: 70 sheets or more (difference included 400 sheets or more)
■ Female full voice
■ No Branch Single Root Digital Novel Form