Year : 2018
Censorship : Cen
Platform: PC/Windows
Language: English
Size : 14 Mb

* Genre
Puzzle Action Game

* Explainer
itomagoi’s retro action arcade-style pixel game is an erotic, visually inspired Alice in
Wonderland with 7 kinds of enemies with individual H animations (and bukkake variants!)
spanning 10 total stages.
The game can be completed in 1-2 breezy hours of play.

* System
Controls are traditional 2D top-down directional movement.
Make use of scattered items to crush enemy units, then ravish them to the protagonist’s satisfaction and clear the stage.
Specific enemy units be agitated and turned against others.
Use this to your advantage and you can create a 10+ unit orgy.

* Demo
You can play up to stage 3 for free!
Please check the trial version to confirm system compatibility.

* Other notes
Bug fixes and other changes may be applied and require a redownload.