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Platform: PC/Windows
Language: English
Size : 892 Mb

* Overview
Hua yin. A country where women reign supreme.
Yang wei. A country where MUSCLE is worshiped.
War breaks out! …and of course, you know what’s going to happen.

Enjoy as battle and sex technique clash head on
in this Strategic Simulation Adventure Game!

* Catch Phrases
– Beautiful Strong Female Battle Commanders…!
Lead by the Empress of Hua yin…… Cao Li

– Muscle is the definition of Strength……! Led by Xiong Wang,
The powerful and experienced Commanders of Yang wei.

– The clashing of Yin (Female) and Yang (Male) on the battlefield!

– Who will win? Hua yin lead by Cao Li? Or Yang wei lead by Xiong Wang?
A battle that will determine the fate of a whole continent begins now!!

* Key Points
– The lascivious display of Hua yin’s commanders is here!
A story told with beautifully illustrated CG!!

– In battle scenes, each commander has their own cut in!
Enjoy eye candy galore!

– Depending on the combination of Male / Female commanders,
The ensuing (erotic) defeat scene will change!
Strategically plan your salacious conquest for domination!

– The balance of power between Male and Female rests in your hands!
In this Strategy Simulation Game, lead Hua yin to defeat Yang wei!!

* Situations
– Erotic defeat / r*pe scenes
– Reverse r*pe through technique
– The strategist takes it the rear.
– What awaits at the end of a clash between the strongest warriors?
– Captured and disciplined. The fate of prisoners of war.
– A battle of the lewd! Who’s technique is superior.
– Mad r*pe in the midst of the battleground
– Double penetration
– irrumatio by the king
– Double headed dildo lesbian orgy

* Synopsis
One continent. Two major powers.
Empress Cao Li and her women supremacist country Hua yin.
Emperor Xiong Wang and his muscle worshiping country Yang wei.
Cao Li aims to once and for all unite the continent.
Xiong Wang aims to turn all women into sex slaves.
Their ambitions clash head on in a battle to the end.
The beautiful and strong battle commanders, a match for a thousand warriors.
The unique and personality rich muscle commanders with 1,000,000 grunts in tow.
Can our beautiful female commanders survive on the battlefield where
might, intelligence, stratagem and sexual technique flow and intertwine in anarchy?