Release Date: ?
Developer: Zell23 WebsiteGuide
Censored: No
Version: A1.18/B1.01
OS: Windows
Language: English

Forest of the Blue Skin or FOBS is an action platforming hentai game currently in development by a guy named Zell23
While the story at the center of the village, to capture the monster and bring to the village.” Such as making it to flow.

Monster Girl Information:
Anything you might want to know about the monster vixens encountered in the game.

– All monsters either damage or grapple you when you touch them with very few exceptions.
– Some monsters will rush over to rape you when you lie down on the ground, so be sure to get up quickly.
– Most monster girls in the game is able to be captured to appear as a friendly npc at your house, the main reason for this is to have sex with them without loosing any health in the process for as many times you like and having some control over how the scene plays out.
– When a monster girl is able to be captured they will show a speech bubble containing a “!”, once this happens you only need to go to them and press the down arrow key. If you do this a sound will play out and the monster will disappear indicating a successful capture.
-In the list below I have sorted all monsters according to which area they appear in primary but be aware that some appear in multiple areas.

List of Monster Girls by Area:

Behavior: Anything you might need to know about their behavior such as movement patterns or attacks.
Grapple: How the monster grabs you in order to start raping you.
Traits: Shows any traits the monster might have, list of possible traits below.
Capture: What you need to do in order to capture the monster. If it says “Unavailable” means that its not yet possible to capture this monster.
Endless Rape: If the monster has a special animation when raping you after being defeated, also states if the animation is present before or during the “Game Over” screen.
Emblem: Tells you where to get this monster’s emblem which is an item that unlocks an additional h-scene with this monster. If they have one.

Trait List:
If the trait is marked with an * it is something the monster only gains if certain conditions are met like during an capture attempt or is low on health.

Dangerous: The monster is capable of inflicting heavy damage with either their attacks or during their rape move.
Instant Death: The monster is able to instantly defeat you no matter how much health you had beforehand.
Tough: The monster has more than health than usual, making her harder to defeat.
Resistant: The monster is immune to normal attacks but can take damage from one or more abilities.
Invulnerable: The monster is immune to all forms of damage.
Strong Grip: The monster has a very strong grip so it is much harder to escape from her once grappled.
Iron Grip: The monster has an extremely strong grip making escape impossible once grappled.
Flyer: The monster is able to fly around freely. (hovering does not count)
Quick: The monster is able to move around faster than you unless you use abilities.
Dasher: The monster is able to preform a quick dash move, this usually leads to you being grappled if you are in the way.
Teleporter: The monster is able to teleport around or otherwise disappearing and then reappearing someplace else.
Shooter: The monster is capable of firing some kind of ranged attack.
Mind Controller: The monster is able to influence your character in one way or another making you do things against your will.
Knockdown: The monster is able to knock your character down to the ground. (other than a grapple move)
Opportunist: The monster has a habit of rushing over to rape you when you lie on the ground. (Happening to walk over you when you lie down does not count)

5 new monsters in Beta and a new tool that can be used in both Beta and Alpha (your Beta save can be shared with the Alpha save

Can also use Xbox controller with it

Default Keyboard Controls:
*These controls can be changed by clicking “Settings” and then “Keyboard Settings” on the top of the window. This is only visable if you are not in fullscreen mode*

Right/Left Arrow: Movement, Struggle out of grabs.
Up Arrow: Enter Door/Portal/Pathway, Use Save-point, Stand up if lying down.
Down Arrow: Capture stunned monster, Initiate sexy time with captured monster at your house.
A: Attack.
X: Jump.
W: Set your health to 1 and your semen meter to 95%. This also makes you instantly ejaculate if you are currently being grappled by a monster.
Space: Open the collectibles menu. This is also the only way to pause the game.
F4: Toggle Full screen.
Esc: Quit the game. (instantly)