[VN] [Soiree] Salthe [Final]

Release Date: Japan 2020-01-31, English 2020-09-15
Developer: Soiree – Website
Publishers: ShiraVN – Website
Censored: No
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English
Title: Salthe
Original Ttitle: サルテ
Aliases: Saleté, Une femme qui danse sur la scène
Length: Short (2 – 10 hours)
Voice: Japanese
VNDB: Salthe

“Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot.”
At the end of a journey of blood, despair, regret, and madness—
a stage perched on the razor’s edge dividing life and death.
With no audience to cheer, at a jester’s direction, Salthe performs her past.
To learn the reason for her death.
To return to the world of life.
Each scene is full of scorn and mockery,
she writhes and struggles, through to the end
of the tale of Salthe’s life—a comedy——​

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[Unity] [TarariLabo] Extreme! Orgasm Training! [Final]

Release Date: 2020-05-07
Developer: TarariLabo DLsite
Censored: No
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English – Japanese

The heroine, who has been trapped in a secret laboratory by a mad scientist’s trick, continues to endure the naughty cum training by the machine.​

If the game does not work follow this steps:

  1. Download the game
  2. Press the Windows key, type ‘control panel’ and open the Control Panel.
  3. Click on Clock, Language, and Region / Clock and Region, then on Region.
  4. Click the Change system locale… button in the Administrative tab (rightmost tab).
  5. On Region Settings window, click the drop-down list for Current system locale.
  6. Find and select Japanese (Japan).
  7. Click OK and confirm changes. Restart PC so that the update takes effect.

Or download a local emulator.

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[RPGM] [Chyos] A Struggle with Sin [v0.3.0.5]

Release Date: 2020-09-11
Developer: Chyos Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English

A Struggle With Sin is the story of a fantasy world in the midst of a civil war.
Rising taxes and raids by orcs and bandits make each villager act according to their own needs first.
Will you become like the others in this corrupt society? Or will you stay true to yourself and find a way out of the chaos that surrounds you?​

Chopping wood/mining/farming costs can now be reduced with the constitution talent (current max 10)
New animations for mining + mining now gives stone and there are random copper spawns in the deep forest every 3 days.
Reworked Emily’s house map
New option to change combat animations speed (options>visuals)
5 new animations for Emily, although for many of you that will count as 3 (not all of them sex scenes)
The bonus scene for Claire (She needs to be at 10C, Talk to her outside the inn)
You can continue Emily’s story. Mira must be in the church to do that! Then just talk to Emily when going to bed, every other info should be in the questlog
Fixed some bugs that have been reported over the past weeks. Also added a few new lines of dialogue to Hiba’s outdoor scene and fixed it. Also you can now rent a room at the inn even if you worked there before… Can’t recall all the other things.

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[RPGM] [Shaso] Dilmur [v0.12]

Release Date: 2020-09-14
Developer: Shaso PatreonDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.12
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English – Russian

Dilmur is an adventurous game containing date-sim elements. You have an opportunity to participate in a mysterious trip with the girl Noemi. Together you will discover all the secrets of Dilmur!

Tips on how to check out the new content:

1)Added bad end for prison arc, you can check it if Noemi loses “clarity of mind” in prison. Or you can check bad end in “room of memories”.

2)Also added event for patron part 2. Go to the Museum of Dilmur and talk with the guy on the left side.

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[Ren’Py] [Euphemismus] Princess Tower [v0.2]

Release Date: 2020-09-18
Developer: Euphemismus Patreon Itch.ioDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.2
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

Princess Tower is a kinky trainer-style game made in Ren’py.
The player takes on the role of Frim of Coombmere, a hedge wizard in the employ of the Dark Imperium. He is tasked with taking care of Princess Ariane in order for the Dark Imperium to tighten its grasp on conquered territories. Frim decides to approach the task with… a certain level of intimacy.

The current version is a very early release with most of the work being mechanical and only a few images and approx. 15 minutes of story featured. A weekly update schedule is planned.

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[VN] [Ren’Py] [LeadPoisonArt] Slave Crisis Arena: Princess Knight Wonder [v0.2.1 Demo]

Release Date: 2020-09-18
Developer: LeadPoisonArt Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.2.1 Demo
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

Princess Knight Wonder must traverse the dungeon depths in attempt to rescue her abducted comrades. Find out what manner of creatures she encounters in this interactive motion comic of superheroine peril.​

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[VN] [Ren’Py] [Etanolo] Chemical Change [v1.95]

Release Date: 2020-09-10
Developer: Etanolo PatreonF95zone
Censored: No
Version: 1.95
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

You start the game as a normal boy that will change into a girl experiencing the lust of this new body.

– 180 new images
– 1,5 new playable days
– 3 new gif
– presentation of a new suit

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[VN] [Ren’Py] [Skeep] Heroes Rise: Prison Break [v0.4.8]

Release Date: 2020-09-17
Developer: Skeep Patreonitch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.4.8
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English

You fall into another world, where the heroes were defeated and imprisoned, and the villains rule everything. But once in the other world, you realize that you did not get into it in your body, but in the body of a traitor who betrayed all the heroes and because of which they were in prison. You have to get acquainted with many characters and justify yourself in front of them, as well as draw up an escape plan from this prison.​

– Added portfolio pics for Gwen at the site
– Bug fixed

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[RPGM] [Dystopian Project] Claire’s Quest [v0.20.1b]

Release Date: 2020-09-18
Developer: Dystopian Project Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.20.1b
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

Claire’s Quest a highly-interactive, non-linear adult RPG, set in a dark fantasy setting inspired by the early Renaissance and made using RPGMaker MV. Unlike the majority of RPGMaker games out there, however, this game is totally devoid of any form of combat or grinding. What separates an adult game from simple porn is the player input. Yet, if you’ve ever played any kind of adult game, you might sometimes feel like no matter what your input, the game progressed exactly the same anyway.

• The follow-up quest to “Let Them Eat Fruit!”, the “Curse of Chemont”, is now available. This is a major quest that is part of the newly-restructured main questline, “Claire’s Quest”

• A new scene featuring the werewolf is now available! Completing the Curse of Chemont, regardless of what way you do it, will unlock this scene in the Gallery.

• Experimental weather system added, currently confined to Outer Valos for early testing. Outer Valos now has a 20% chance of getting a rainstorm event, which will spawn hostile characters that will attempt to attack Claire.

• New scene involving roaming hostiles who only appear in the rain event mentioned above. Encountering them in any way will add them to the Gallery. Future plans for weather are to include a ‘sickness’ system as an added threat (currently not ingame) which will lead to a series of nurse/hospital minor quests.

• Valos’s “poor area” completely reworked; instead of sewers, which makes it too similar to Rathpike’s Undercity areas, I decided to remake it into a little confined “slums” quarter inspired by the Putrid Grove in Witcher 3. This City Slums area is accessible from Outer Valos, by going straight north.

• Urchins moved to the City Slums.

• Experimental stealth system added to the game. Currently only limited to the Badlands and White Hart Grove (werewolf area). Being in stealth areas like tall grass will stop monsters detecting you, allowing you to sneak by. However, dashing will break stealth, so if your dash/run is set to auto, make sure to hold down SHIFT to slow Claire down to a walk.

• The Grateful Youth (from the Prologue) can reappear in Outer Valos if you saved him and inspired him to continue living.

• You can now give Piercings to Isobelle; these are purely cosmetic, changing her portrait and CG sets to feature Piercings. You can take them off at any time if you so please.

• Fixed a series of flow/progression bugs with the “Contemplation” quest as it leads onto Karland and Bertrand’s quests. A new game may be necessary to make it all register properly in the Quest Journal. If you don’t mind a wonky Quest Journal though, you can play from your saved games.

• Goblin-related quest is still being worked on; however, their new scene is available for viewing in the Gallery if you want to view it ahead of the quest itself!

• Added the Adelaide Inn to Chemont Town so Chemont has an inn + food vendor. This is actually a little cameo by another adult game of the same name. Stay tuned for future very raunchy content!

• Fixed the Beastwife Outfit being sellable by mistake.

• New NPC types added – Female Plutocrat, Pauper, and Bard.

• New custom sprite for Gravekeeper.

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[RPGM] [Hornyninja] Sex Quest [v0.14.1]

Release Date: 2020-07-12
Developer: Hornyninja LegendOfKrystal
Censored: No
Version: 0.14.1
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English

A nerdy virgin mage who isn’t even that good at magic is is cursed to have sex with 100 women in a year or he dies. Sebastian sets out on a Sex Quest! (What a ridiculous name for an adventure!)

-Sapphire City available
-New Obsidian Caves dungeon
-Korra/Collie/Gwen/Nymph updated skills
-Train Korra available
-Familiar’s Play option available
-7 new investments (plus Amethyst Infrastructure investments)
-14 new sex scenes
-5 new quests (10 updated quests)
-7 new Spells for Gwen
-2 new elemental Affinities for Gwen (Ice/Dark)
-bug fixes

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