Title / タイトル: だついいきもち
Brand / ブランド: 日本ソフトイド
Release / 販売日: 2018/07/09
File size / ファイル容量: 168MB


“202X Year. Softoid Quantum Science Institute succeeded in the development of” anti-materialized gravity bullet “which eventually extinguish matter.

However, the road to practical use is long, we have to stop for collecting R & D expenses, we have begun a back deal with individuals who wish to use this technology. “~

The bullet that you applied is undressing block break when you hit clothes.

When you receive a bullet at the center of the reflector, the bullet becomes a red penetrating bullet.

After each stage clear, enter the H scenario to humilish the girls of naked women!

It is “undressing block breaking + short digital novel”.

· All 5 stages (4 female + Bakapuru)

· Three difficulty levels, Easy · Normal · Hard mode installed
(Change in speed of bullets and number of clearing required blocks)

· Basic CG / 5 sheets (4 females + 1 buckle)

· Difference CG / 22 (4 female naked nude + 18 scene differences)

· 15 story description images (about 3300 stories)

· There is a female voice in part

· There is no unnecessary scene in the production during the work. (Of course, there are others)