Title / タイトル: 月ノ下ニ眠ル棺ニ捧グ狂詩曲 / Rhapsody Devoted to the Coffin Sleeping Under the Moon
Brand / ブランド: 大人の道楽 / Adult’s Hobby
Release / 販売日: 2017/11/08
File size / ファイル容量: 180MB

The protagonist Hina is a witch still in her training phase.
In order to obtain the power stone “Jouban”, she solely
descends from the above toward the “Underground World”.
Upon landing on the another world, Hina is confronted
by monsters and witches that she has never seen above…

In this story of growth, Hina takes a journey outside of
her master’s guidance for the first time. Since she was
born as a lewd witch, she is not so much hesitant to
accept enemies and townspeople’s sexual approaches.
(does not contain hardcore violation scenes, mainly softcore)

* An RPG with a straightforward story line.
* Your party consists of the female protagonist and her familiar spirit.
* A half of H scenes with monsters and another half with humans (some lesbian).
* Almost all of the enemies have defeat H scenes!
* 50 base H CGs (not counting pose arts)
* Approx. 2 hours of playtime (estimated) / You can unlock the all contents by a single play-through