Title / タイトル: 魔王城でつかまえて
Brand / ブランド: 大人の道楽
Release / 販売日: 2018/07/10
File size / ファイル容量: 45MB

… That boy called the Devil was in the basement of the castle.
It was caught by the same family, confined in power, spent prison and being prisoner
There, a strange girl named Chiro appeared as a help ….

This leads the Devil’s castle where the boy demon has been desolated
A short story that reaches the throne while rejecting hostile demons and daughters.

【Game System Outline】
Easy operation with going forward or withdrawing by choice command repeatedly 100 steps.
There is no place to go if you have to defeat the enemy so if you reach the throne
It becomes clear. However, when you are defeated by enemies you encountered halfway you go to prison
Please note that it will be restored and forced to restart from 0 steps.
You can strengthen the main character with items and equipment picked up in the road and respond.

※ Only 5 demon daughters appear on enemies
※ There is no game over, it is only returned to the base
※ Because the enemy sucks up the hero’s LV, if you lose, the enemy’s LV will rise

It is a non-field RPG of a man hero.
◆ Eroscu is all reverse rape
◆ erotic scenes are in heroine + enemies in opponent
◆ Play time is roughly 30 minutes to 1 hour
◆ Basic erotic CG 15 pieces (5 heroines + 10 enemies)