Title / タイトル: -少女異聞録-
Brand / ブランド: あさきゆめみし
Release / 販売日: 2018/06/28
File size / ファイル容量: 461MB

A girl who has been living a happy life as it is, although it is mediocre [Kato Kiyori], from a hurry
Meeting the girl named Shiratori Shirayuri, recently lost the streets lost the incident … … [Spy fiction case]
It will be involved, what will wait ahead …?

【Game Contents】
· While the girl who lived normally until now [Kato Teru] participates in the [spirited case], doing various things
It is a role-playing game for adults who gets variously done.

【Game System】

· Battle system
The battle of this work is somewhat special that it can push through the weaknesses of the enemy and re-act with a critical hit
It is a system.
Please play and actually check it.

· Costume · hair style change system
In this work, we change the appearance of major characters by changing costume / hairstyle.
Costumes and hairstyle will be reflected in the etch scene, so please do your best and collect them.

· Etching scene
Although the work scenes of this work are defeated village, prostitution system is overpowering,
I do not think it will be okay even if you are not good because it is not that hard.