Title / タイトル: ワルプルギスノヨル / WALURGISNACHT
Brand / ブランド: びすます / Bismuth
Release / 販売日: 2018/03/29
File size / ファイル容量: 365MB

“WALURGISNACHT” is a forbidden spell that is activated
at twelve o’clock, of which detail remains to be elucidated…
Our heroine Misa’s passage is to be shown by a spellbook.

Character introductions etc. are on our blog:

This is a short length strolling-based RPG that you progress
the story by gathering information from people and achieving quests.
The time in this game passes corresponding to the number of steps.
In normal route, for example, a game over comes when it is 12 o’clock midnight (can be turned off).

35+ HCGs included (approx. 1,300 CGs including variations)

* H Situations *
For Heroine:
– lewd emblem
– sex
– anal sex
– sandwich f*ck
– anal fingering
– hypnosis sex
– one x shota (elder girl x younger boy)
– prostitution
– acting in porn video (recording technology based on magic)
– NTR / cuckoldry
– r*pe
– bukkake
– virgin play-through possible (only in normal route)
– naked cloak play

For Other Characters:
– married woman’s sex orgy
– married woman’s porn video
– married woman’s breastfeeding handjob
– little busty girl’s pretending play
– nun’s prostitution
– peeping
and more…

* H Status Loaded *
Depending on story branches you have chosen, many H parameters change.
For example, when the number of sex is “Yariman (loose slut)”, you will follow H-specialized route.

* Special H Battles *
In addition to normal battles, you can take special H battles by talking to blue townspeople.

Misa and opponent’s mental gauge increases or decreases with each choice in conversation.
If you win she sometimes gains EXP etc. If you lose her H parameters would increase.
Depending on how she behaves yellow or red characters will appear, with H scenes.

* Normal Battles Are Easy *
From what direction you touch the enemy affects the enemy’s strength.
When you touch the enemy from behind, you will instantly win the battle (without battle).

* Misa *
Her personality is somewhat not suited to her beautiful blond hair and pearl colored busty body.
But has incredible battle techniques and magic capacity. Aims to be a magician, though not making so much effort.

* Aya *
A modest girl who dreams to be an alchemist.
Her talent is out of scale.

* Demon Mephisto *
Currently in a book. Wants a body.