Title / タイトル: 飼ってるキツネがキモ男のチ〇コに憑りついて、射精させないと出てこないなんてヤダ!
Brand / ブランド: 紅茶辣韭
Release / 販売日: 2018/06/29
File size / ファイル容量: 30MB

A student at the magical school “Ami”, I decided to bring a fox weakened in the forest back to the dormitory and keep it with my best friend “Heina” and secret.
One day I was living happily with an adorable fox named “Konchi”, the rush suddenly escaped from Ami ‘s former.
While chasing, the two girls will know the outrageous habits of the conch.

“That fox possesses possession of the man’s cheek and will not come out without ejaculation”

“But the fox that was not released in a certain time ejaculation is taken into Chiko and we must live forever as Chiko”

The place where Ami chase after the conglomerate is a supplementary room where boys of the class are.

Somewhere in this there is Chiko, where the conglomerate is possessed … ….

The two young girls ejaculate Tiko anyway from one end and decide to search for a story.

This is an innocent and active girl Ami and serious honor Heina makes efforts to let the boys of the class make the contents of the skirt and the tights of the tits Okazu to the boys in class while making it red and anyway ejaculate.

Although characters of past works appear, it is not a continuation thing, so I think that you can play without problems even if it is unplayed.
There are few game elements.