Title / タイトル: SHRIFT
Brand / ブランド: デビルズオフィス / DEVIL’S OFFICE
Release / 販売日: 2017/11/21
File size / ファイル容量: 694MB

In this Reverse R*pe Survival RPG, you have either to resist
it to keep being human, or to succumb to relentless cumsuckery…

One day, an ordinary boy is suddenly sent to the future world, in which
demons inhabit… You control this boy to guide him to the “Escape Point”,
going through female demons’ temptations and restraints along his way.

* Game
– Status Effect
In this game, you will be required to deal with status effect that enemies
cast on, in order to get opportunity to counterattack and fight them back.

“List of Status Effects” included in this product would be helpful for you.

– Development Schedule
Additions of Chapter 3~4 are planned:
Chapter 3 – Mid to early July 2018 / 4 enemies
Chapter 4 – Late to mid-October 2018 / 4 enemies (3 are bosses)

* Difficulty
Since the theme of this game is to “resist non-humans as a human”,
the difficulty is set relatively harder. Therefore please choose “Easy”
mode to progress this game without frustration, or you can perhaps
choose higher difficulty levels to enjoy masochism oriented situations.