Title / タイトル: プロナント・シンフォニー / Pronant Symphony
Brand / ブランド: E.B.
Release / 販売日: 2017/05/01
File size / ファイル容量: 310MB

You are a single Devil… control your enemies, your allies… men… and woman…
Travel with four young girls as your servants in this multi ending authentic RPG!

Control your fate, good and evil are free to manipulate within your hands…

– The Secret Technique of Control: “Pronant”
You can control whoever you wish. However you wish.
Revealing secrets stealing treasures, freely moving the bodies of others…
the chastity of your companions, their very lives as well…
…are all yours to do with as you please…!

– Dungeons of high density filled with equipment and treasures!
– A legion of tough opponents to satiate your desire to conquer!
(or perhaps, your desire to sacrifice the poor pathetic girls to horrific fates…)

– Branching story path and endings
Your fate itself, is in your own hands. The power of Pronant is all encompassing.
Perform evil as evil, good as good… illustrate the conclusion as you see fit.