Title / タイトル: 戦乱のヘキサ / The War Disorder Hexa
Brand / ブランド: 池袋DPC / ikebukuroDPC
Release / 販売日: 2018/04/27
File size / ファイル容量: 211MB

The stories take place in a small kingdom Node that is under the attack
of formidable armies of the Empire. Six of our protagonists are male
and female soldiers, drifters and commanders. You will see
totally different stories with different protagonists you go with.

Each protagonist has unique characteristics.
Employs multi-ending system.
The stories are independent of one another, which could be
regarded as six short-length RPGs packed in this game.
However, items and save data are shared among all protagonists
and sometimes one protagonist’s action affects the other protagonist’s story.

Most H events fall in the category of violation. Over 100 scenes total.
16 female characters with own names and H events including female protagonists.
Plus many violation scenes of unnamed mob characters are contained as well.
In most cases, H events are caused when “male protagonist wins / female protagonist loses”.
However, some H events integrated in the stories can happen without the condition.
For your information, this game does not contain grotesque expressions although
this is a battlefield r*pe themed fantasy RPG (but maybe some within the range of mild violence).

Also, despite the fact that the stories go on in a fantasy worldview, almost no
non-human creatures appear and so do other fantasy-ish stuff such as magic spells.

Our circle’s doujinshi series “The Node Aggression” delivers prologues stories to this game.

* Genre: Warfare Omnibus RPG
* Base CG Count: 100+ (390+ incl. variations) * includes guest artists’ CG
* H Event Count: 100+ scenes * includes guest artists’ scripts
* Multiple Protagonists: Multiple endings for each of six male and female protagonists
* Designed for repeated play-through (employs ‘master data’ system. No game over brings you to the title screen)
* CG gallery & Scene reminiscence mode available
* Message skip function loaded