Title / タイトル: レジネッタの冒険 Cエンドアフター ~勇者とお姫様と小さな物語~
Brand / ブランド: KINOKO-ex
Release / 販売日: 2018/07/01
File size / ファイル容量: 73MB

This RPG illustrates the story after the C Ending of “Reginetta”.

* Story
Ending the troubles of the alternate world, the protagonist and Reginetta have returned.
The two have not only become close, but Reginetta is pregnant!!

A year has passed.
The king and the senior vassals do not approve of the relationship between
the protagonist and Reginetta despite the two already raising their child.
Then, Reginetta thinks of an idea.
“There was once a special trial to become the king.”
Learning about such a thing, she thinks of attempting the trial with the protagonist.
If they succeed, they will gain the support of those who follow old traditions…

And so, a new journey will begin for the protagonist and Reginetta.
Will her plan succeed?

* Mini Dress Up RPG
A mini RPG with a play time of approximately 1 hour.
You can transfer data from the previous game!
This time, her alternate clothing will also change pose art and erotic scenes!

10 base erotic illustrations
(5 event CGs, 1 pose art, 1 special pose art, 3 boss undressed variations)