Title / タイトル: ラブラブ!マイばでぃ / Love Love! My Buddy
Brand / ブランド: Megrim Guilt
Release / 販売日: 2015/09/30
File size / ファイル容量: 983MB

Love Love! My Buddy is an open-ended fantasy RPG with a male protagonist.

How you live is your choice!

You have succeeded your father, an adventurer, in his death.
Will you rescue your mother from the oppression of the town leader?
Will you go on a bender causing villainy and cruelty?
Or maybe you’ll find someone and fall in love.

Choose your path and marriage partner among 10 women!
Loads of erotic events and characters await in Megrim’s multi-ending erotic RPG.

200 total replayable events (not including outfit variations)…
– search for love with your adventure buddy!
– sexy cutscenes and mounting desire during battles!
– deepened relationships at the inn!
– money buys whores to relieve stress!
– rescue female adventurers from the dungeon for an ecchi reward!
– meet mature women yearning for satisfaction, and fulfill it!
… and more, and more


– discover rare items
– equipped items are reflected in the visuals
– invade areas and fight special enemies!

* Check out the free trial for just a taste of the world

Classic RPG features are also built in…
replay and scene shortening, message display toggle, cut-in event display toggle,
image size adjustment, surplus item storage, item stats & skills display toggle,
main speed and battle speed settings, fast travel, quest reminders, volume controls