Title / タイトル: 裏の空き家と僕たちの夫婦ごっこの夏休み
Brand / ブランド: 宮本カプリシュー
Release / 販売日: 2018/07/07
File size / ファイル容量: 103MB

A vacant house behind no one lives –
So we and men and women spent their couple couple spending a pretty horny summer vacation …

● Story ●
There is a vacant house that no one lives in behind where I live.
So I helped with the opening feeling of the summer vacation with my friend including myself 3 boys and 3 girls
I decided to partner and decide to live a couple life in a pseudo manner
Everyday, when you gather in a vacant house, each day you enjoy the couple life you can not be a decided room ….

However, it is certainly not waiting for such a thing!
Cried, gangbangs … and more erotic events …
The event of this summer vacation that I spent with six people will surely be a trauma and I will be single all through.

● Features of the game ●
You become a “boy”, with a friend and a vacant house
It is a game that is pretty etched and spends a special summer vacation
The period is 30 days until summer vacation is over.
Meanwhile, I will spend a couple with 6 males and females and enjoy a pleasant summer vacation

There are six characters in all.
Two boys who are a hero and a classmate.
My wife’s candidate is a classmate, older son, three younger than younger.

<Event that occurs every day for 30 days!>
The summer vacation of the secret that I spend couple vacant in a vacant house is transcendent hard!
Something happens somewhere everyday.
From play events that seem to be summer vacation to horny happening,
Various events are waiting for you.
Of course there is also a special etch event!

Of course, even fake couple cheated …
No, it is not only that. Swapping may be an obscene relationship …
Search through the map and win all events.

<With special branch scenario present>
Illegitimate Scuene which boys and girls sneak into invading houses
Of course, it also awaits a dangerous scenario
Come and complete all the events, please enjoy “summer vacation unforgettable forbiddance”