Title / タイトル: やせいのおうこく~猫耳レオーニャのムコ探し!~
Brand / ブランド: 旧鉄器時代
Release / 販売日: 2018/06/27
File size / ファイル容量: 600MB

It is a short RPG of about 2 hours of play time.

Synopsis ~
Beast people with cat ears and tail “Mata tribe”.
Leona, the daughter of the chieftain, goes on a journey to prosperous journey to cope with a strong male and leave offspring.
In ‘Prosperous journey’, try the strength of the male you met, make male weaker than yourself a child and make it a mating exercise partner!
Leading around the island for seeking children, learning childhood friend’s cattle!
Eventually, is the situation unexpected …?

~ Character ~
· Leona (Mata family · female)
A granddaughter of the Mata tribe. It is the strongest in the village. Being full of energy and self-confidence, first of all actions! I go on a journey to mate with a strong male.

· Catao (Mata family · ♂)
A childhood friend of Leonia. In the village’s weakest male, he is good at making things and agriculture than hunting. I feel secretly to Leonia.

· Calvi (oak · male)
The head of the bandits who are making a range in the “Salad Jungle”.

· Roses (Minotaur, ♂)
A mysterious minotaur that is said to keep treasure in “grill volcano”.

~ Contents ~

About 90 total CG (including difference) · 9 basic CGs.

● H Situation
· First time mating exercise with childhood friend in a cave
· Oak in 3P
· Heroine anal virginity can be robbed by other friends ect …

It is a short RPG that ends in about 2 hours (guideline).
It is almost one trail, but there are two types of endings. (Pure Love END, Orgy END)
There are 5 types of H scenes.
The contents change somewhat with choices.
All in atmosphere bright ladies,
Multiple play such as 3P, 4P with a lot of male characters against the heroine (hero) is the center.
There are elements that are to be taken down by choices.