Title / タイトル: ラフリのらふこめ錬金生活
Brand / ブランド: さくらひいろ
Release / 販売日: 2018/06/30
File size / ファイル容量: 1.93GB

A ruffle who has eaten rare species that the teacher takes care of.
An exam will be sentenced to catch rare species from an angry master.

Mixed from spatiotemporal to recording place with sampling easily with warp!
However, as an exclusive alchemist and a teacher from the Duke?
A storm of harassment begins in a rough terrible refusal!

All the men who meet in the dungeon are enemies!
I will weaken the laugh with semen with aphrodisiac.

In the town I feel like a daughter of a friendly erotic dwarf
To the weak and shy dark elves and friends.

Got a ship and an airship, while flying around
Where are the journey of Lahli go?


Basic CG 25 sheets difference is about 6000 sheets without standing pictures.
Picture animation produced from Live2D
Girls who sprinkle with pistons and pistons.

There are three kinds of costumes of the lucky except for the base.
All are reflected in a recollection room.
* Excluding some


For the second week benefit
Got over possession possession, increased collection items, carry-over of equipments
There are opening of reminiscent rooms etc.