Title / タイトル: SAGA
Brand / ブランド: 侍 / Samurai
Release / 販売日: 2016/09/09
ファイルサイズ / File Size: 652MB

* Story
In a world where humans are no longer at war with each other
a war begins with demons that would destroy us.
Ex-soldiers and comrades from the Iris Kingdom are called to arms;
the gang is getting back together to fight for a new cause but…

* Two heroines to sex-train!
Princess knight Eliza and Anya the soldier can be broken.
Test the limits of their bodies, turn them into ladies of the night, etc.
Various options are available, including an option
to complete the game without any sex-training at all.

* Monster-women to capture!
Enemy “monmusu” can be defeated and captured.
The story also contains monmusu in sub-missions.

* Other characters, too!
There are adventurers beyond the two heroines.
Of course they are female………

* Easy difficulty, erotica galore!
Withdraw and skip from pesky battles at the press of a button;
enjoy over 70 base CGs! (mostly assault, not much consent)