Title / タイトル: 寝取りRPG~一人の戦士と三人の人妻
Brand / ブランド: 三つ雨
Release / 販売日: 2018/07/05
File size / ファイル容量: 183MB

Frontier village Feel
This village was in a corner of the continent where monsters ravaged everywhere.
Every day people in the village have lived quietly despairing not much,
One day an accident occurs.

It is the occurrence of a dungeon.
Dungeon suddenly appeared near the village,
More demons decided to wander around.
A man in the village went to see the dungeon,
There is no one coming back.
In circumstances where even medicinal herbs do not keep it
It is visible that it will fade away day by day.
Do you have to abandon the village and move to another place somewhere …
So in the midst of pessimism everyone, a man will drop in at the village.

RPG is a RPG that one warrior weakens in rescuing a village and keeps his married woman suited to his taste one after another.

In addition to the main character in the dungeon, you can choose one partner from three heroines and can dive.
The event will progress with the heroine chosen at this time.

Once you see the event you can rent it at any time in the reminiscence room.

15 basic CG