Title / タイトル: くノ一椿 / Kunoichi Tsubaki
Brand / ブランド: とらいあんぐる! / Triangle!
Release / 販売日: 2018/05/18
File size / ファイル容量: 455MB

Defeat H, seduction, erotic traps, whorehouse etc…
A simple & easy RPG of Kunoichi (female ninja) comes with plenty of H situations!

* Overview
— Synopsis

In the Sengoku period……

Evil beings that prey on humans’ ill wills
called “Busho” are rampant around.

Under Busho’s threatening oppression,
people have no option but to obey them.

Into the darkened world penetrates a ray of light—-

Owning power countervailing Busho,
yet likewise lurking in the darkness.

People call them “Kunoichi”—-

* Concept & H Situations

To punish Busho threatening people, they gather information around the town in the daytime.
With enough information, sneak into the castle and strike enemies down using various Jutsu (arts of ninja)!

– Defeat H
They say Kunoichi is a Japanese type of Kukkoro (“Damn, kill me!” situations typical for female knights).
Which means being defeated by an enemy means r*pe! Although Tsubaki is
highly-skilled agent especially in erotic techniques, she drowns in sexual pleasure.

– Seduction
She uses temptation techniques to get information.
Get close to the target in the guise of a waitress,
get useful information by means of erotic seduction!

– Traps
Of course, there are various traps situated in the castle for security.
If she overlooks the presence of a trap and falls into it……?

– Whorehouse
The economy allows no one to live on without money. Kunoichi is not an exception.
If you want to earn money quickly, working in a whorehouse can be recommended.
But if she does too much in a whorehouse… Well, check it out in the retail version!

* Systems

– Backstab Attack
Press the OK button right behind an enemy to carry out a backstab attack.
It causes the enemy to faint, resulting in avoidance of combat.

– Henge no Jutsu (art of transformation)
With enough lewdness power, she can transform
into a cat in dungeons by holding the A button.

While the effect of Henge no Jutsu goes on, the enemies’ sights
disappear but she cannot carry out backstab attack at the same time.

During which Henge no Jutsu is effective, lewdness power decreases over time.
Also, she cannot move on to the adjacent maps while it is activated.

– Pleasure Level
Tsubaki’s pleasure level increases after each H scene.
Pleasure level boosts up Tsubaki’s lewd power, lust and strength.

– Lewd Power
Lewd power increase upon enemies’ sexual attacks.

The more lewd power, the more Tsubaki’s moves deal damage.
But it has a disadvantage that she becomes more vulnerable to enemies’ attacks.

When lewd power reaches maximum, Tsubaki goes in “in heat” condition.

“In heat” has both advantages and disadvantages.
Use this feature wisely to cope with different situations.

* “In heat” condition can be canceled by one of her Ninjutsu (art of ninja) “Seishin Touitsu (mental concentration)”.

– Sexual Attacks
Sometimes enemies carry out restraining attacks.
While being restrained Tsubaki will continuously be given H attacks.

Use one of her Ninjutsu “Taisei wo Totonoeru (fix posture)” to escape from restraint!

~ And More Convenient Functions Are Implemented! ~
– Seduction
– H Scene Skip
– You can choose to see / skip scenes you have seen
– Load

* Characters

– Tsubaki
The protagonist. Having finished the ordeal in the Ninja Village, now approved as a Kunoichi.
Serious in missions but sometimes shows ignorance and carelessness.
Because she successfully overcame the ordeal, she is very confident in durability against sexual attacks.

– Aoi
One of Tsubaki’s fellows. Is yet to pass the ordeal but accompanies Tsubaki
as a supporter. Characterized by optimistic and easygoing personality. Not so much
against erotic things, so she sometimes takes information by means of temptation.

– Yuzu
A daughter of Echigoya living in the town. A tenderhearted girl but annoyed by her arrogant father.