Title / タイトル: ~貧弱だけど心が読める!?~ 貧弱勇者
Brand / ブランド: Ultu!
Release / 販売日: 2018/05/02
File size / ファイル容量: 219MB

■ Member registration recommendation
There is a possibility of replacing the contents with version UP such as bug fixes.
We recommend purchasing after membership registration so that you can re-DL.
* Current latest Ver … “1.10”

■ Always check the trial version
Before purchasing the product version, please be sure to check the trial version to see if it works properly in your environment.
The trial version is playable only in the early stage.

■ RTP unnecessary
I am producing it with RPG Maker VX ACE, but RTP is unnecessary.


Despite descendants of legendary braves,
The hero who grew poorly also in mind and body (※ excluding dick)
By any kind of comforts,
While doing huge things with the baby girls, I will go on a journey to hunt down the Maou.

Ars … poor brave man
Mio … big breast thief
Kureha … bomb feng shui
Saki-chan … tits Sukubasu


Poor RPG

【Play time】
About 6 hours

■ Increased difficulty

<The brave is weak>
All abilities are low, only the attack magic that can be used is fire. It will not become strong until the end.
Like ordinary RPG, if you just select “attack”, you can not win any battle first.

<I am poor, but I can read my mind>
The brave is weak, but you will be able to use the skill “Mind Draw”.
You will be able to read the actions of the next turn of the enemy, and the avoidance rate of physical attack will rise greatly.
It is a valuable skill that can brought a disadvantageous battle to an equal level somehow.
Please make use of this ability and survive battle with your friends.

<Leveling work pear>
Battle employs symbol encounter. However, even if you kill, you can not get the experience value.
The point at which the level rises is decided within the event progress.

<No pear management work>
You can not get money even if you defeat the enemy.
There is nothing to use except a small part, forcibly acquiring and using within the event progress.
In case
<Pear for resuscitation>
There is no means to resuscitate fellows who became unable to fight.
If one person gets to do it, it is game over immediately at that point.

■ Automatic message feed function

■ Bonus after clearing
<CG recollection>
If you clear the first lap, you will get the CG idea skill (you can only see the CG you saw).
It can be used after the second lap.

<Extra item>
In addition, it is supposed to get a lot of items.