Title / タイトル: アールココ-片翼の愛玩姫- / Arlcoco -The One Winged Princess Pet-
Brand / ブランド: WhiteMoor
Release / 販売日: 2017/08/31
File size / ファイル容量: 331MB

-I turned this one winged girl who fell from the sky… into my sex slave-

You, the protagonist, are an alchemist. One day you meet a girl
that only has one wing… and doesn’t remember anything (amnesia).
There is only one way to save her… Turn her into a Sex Slave.

She introduces herself as Arlcoco and informs you that she wishes
to return to the skies and regain her memory.
In order to do so, the two of you begin an adventure together.

An orthodox RPG (with random enemy encounters).
However, leveling is fairly fast = not a grind, the encounter
rate is on the lower side and difficulty has been set to easy.

On her adventures, sex slave Arlcoco will learn not only
magic abilities but also erotic and convenient ones too.

Upon returning home, conversing with Arlcoco will raise her
affection level and you can also raise her sex slave proficiency 😉

The higher each parameter is, the more powerful it will be reflected.
Erotic Level included *wink wink* Make sure you raise it.