Title / タイトル: 視界憑依 寝取られ彼女の視界をジャック! / Sightjack – Taking Over the Sight of a Cucked Girlfriend!
Brand / ブランド: 吉田PISTOL / Yoshida PISTOL
Release / 販売日: 2018/02/17
File size / ファイル容量: 103MB

Possess girlfriend’s body and take over her sight!
Then witness her private stuff and cuckoldry scenes!?

The protagonist was involved in a traffic accident
with a stranger (a beautiful girl) just by coincidence.
In that moment he got the ability to take over the beautiful girl’s sight.
He knows many things using the ability and schemes up a
‘coincidental’ encounter, getting into a strange relationship with her…

[2 Parts of the Game]
* 1st Part *
Take over a stranger beauty’s sight and see her erotic private stuff!
Let’s conquer her!

* 2nd Part *
Enjoy a happy life by dating with her! Sometimes she may face
dangerous situations behind your back, so use the ability to defend her!

* Plenty of Optional Events *
You can act as the hero of the town! But if you left her alone too much…
She will become a loose slut for some reason!
(Check out how she becomes a slut using the ability)

[Your Girlfriend Is in Danger! “Pinch Gauge Function”]
There are many guys trying to f*ck your girlfriend since she is beautiful!
When she is in a pinch and you are not with her, it alerts you of this!