Title / タイトル: JOKERは凌辱の香り~異世界転移デスゲーム~ / JOKER is the Symbol of Violation ~Death Game in the Alternate World~
Brand / ブランド: Z印 / Z-jirushi
Release / 販売日: 2018/08/10
File size / ファイル容量: 503MB

* Only one can survive. A story of girls fighting to avoid violation.

Four girls went stray into the alternate world when their curiosity backfired.
The demon lord and accompanying ruffians show up in front of them.
The demon lord offers them that they play a card game and the winner
will be sent back to their original world. However, the losers will instantly
be thrown into a crowd of the ruffians to be violated. Which means only one
out of four will be able to go back, and therefore the girls’ lawless battle…

* Gets R*ped If You Draw The Joker!? It’s An Easy-To-Play Game!

The gameplay is similar to that of “Old Maid” (for rules, please google).
Make a guess about the opponent’s tendency and hand the joker to her!

* The Key To Everyone’s Survival Is In The Secret Mansion?

The only way for all girls to survive without fighting each other
is hidden in the depth of the mansion. Solve mysteries!

A short-length work. Estimate playtime is about 1 hour.
8 base CG, 8 H scenes (not counting variations)