Title / タイトル: イマドキ罵倒るファンタジー ~勇者と魔王の同棲性活~ / Imadoki Battle Fantasy ~Yuusha to Maou no Dousei Seikatsu~
Brand / ブランド: softhouse-seal GRANDEE
Release / 販売日: 2018/05/25
File size / ファイル容量: 1.20GB

Well done!
My existence will cause the demonic people to disappear!

I was living a mediocre life, I, “Shi Hui”
Before thousands of years ago, he was told that he was the descendant of the hero who defeated the demon king.
It is a such a fool? And thought at that time … …

At the same time as my sexual desire has increased, the holy energy of the brave who sleeps in me rises, and the presence of the devil has been extinguished.
Sorry, a strange demon … …

In this way there is a possibility that the war between the demon and the human beings will break out like several thousand years ago,
Each other ‘s tribe who saw this situation seriously assigned me a caution person,
Moreover, she prepared girls who do sex treatment when my sexual desire has increased.