Asmodeus Delta ~パンツを求めて~ episode0 Ver.2018-04-05

ブランド / Brand: すとろべり~光
発売日 / Release Date: 2018/03/31
ファイルサイズ / File Size: 766MB

* Asmodeus Delta ~In Pursuit of Panties~ episode 0 *

This is a prologue story of “Asmodeus Delta”.

The entire story of EPISODE 0 can be enjoyed in the trial version.

Bonus contents for this 100 yen retail version:
– 3 additional H scenes
– Sound Gallery
– A slight increase in the number of treasure chests
– Some items exclusive to the retail version

* Story *
The demonic human Zepal has finally revived from a thousand year long slumber
by the power of otome energy. He then creates a coppelia named Nemophilla,
in order to put on panties he made with his magic, “Asmodeus Delta”.
For the sake of his fun and desire, Zepal sets out on a journey to find
the panties scattered all over the world –Asmodeus Delta– with Nemophilla.

* Brief Introduction *
A panties lover Zepal works hard to collect things in order to put panties he created
“Asmodeus Delta” on the heroine Nemophilla in this RPG. Although Nemophilla’s
initial response is bad, she will gradually be awakened to the goodness of panties…

* System *
A bit retro job change RPG

– The heroine is capable of changing her statuses and skills by changing panties (like job change system).

– Of course, skills can be arranged! Beat girl monster to get otome energy, then
provide it for the heroine in panties to increase the panties’ level and attain new skills!

– The heroine is fully voiced! (CV: Gemiko Yamada)

– Created with Wolf Editor / 1024×576 resolution