Title / タイトル: ネコロノミコン
Brand / ブランド: でじたるおなほ~る
Release / 販売日: 2018/06/30
File size / ファイル容量: 840MB

■ Overview

Nekomimi girl Lulier of the magical country,
In order to regain the stolen Nekomonomonkon by a thief
It is a search type action game that struggles with the magic.


Switch two attributes of fire and ice, let’s fight against the weaknesses of the monster.
Continue to push and hold the attack buttons, making it a stronger magic.
By shooting and dividing magic up and down, it is possible to correspond to the position and size of various enemies.
You can also use magic to activate gimmicks and eliminate obstacles.

· H attack & deathblow
If you suffer too much damage your clothes will be torn and naked.
In that state it will be attacked H if it gets caught by the enemy.
Even getting into a gangbang state when caught by multiple enemies.
but it’s okay.
Lulier has the ability to convert semen into magical power.
If you are fucked a lot, turn pinch into opportunity and let’s reverse it with deadly skill!
It is also possible to recover your fitness by consuming special movements points.
Even people who are not good at action can proceed forcefully making full use of recovery and deathblowing techniques by being fucked a lot.

■ H animation

H All actions animate.
During H motion you gangbanged by touching other monsters.
We prepare dedicated sciss & animation at game over.
It becomes a monster nurse bed and is forced to give birth or it becomes meat toilet bowl.

The total number of erotic scenes is 2,500 including difference color difference.
Although it is motion animation,
As I am committed to checking and modifying many times in all the pieces in the work now,
You can see a powerful erotic animation.

Upgrading (addition of erotic scenes) is also scheduled.

■ Other

Voice actor: Asaki type
Work format: Action
File format: Application