[RPG] [Champlle X] Platinum Experience – Funny Musume’s Human Experience ~

Brand / ブランド: チャンプルX
Release / 販売日: 2018/06/15
File size / ファイル容量: 429MB

▼ Prologue

One ginkgoit that I longed for human beings and thought that I wanted to live a human being.
I was brought to you by the sudden appearing witch, when I gave it to humans.
Suddenly I thought that something was wrong, but the feelings I wanted to be human won,
To be done by humans.
Gin Gitsu nights who became human named himself, went to the town of human beings at once,
The life as human beings has begun …

A story

One ginkgoit that a longing for a human being became a human being by a witch. The name is called Haku.
Although I went to the city of human being for the first time, but also to buy food there is money in human life,
I ask for an adventurer ‘s guild request to earn money.
And, although it goes out to the suppression of bandits and monsters that were in the request of the adventurer guild …

▼ H scene

· Multiple slaughter where sleeping in the campus
· Multiple rape with bandits
· Tentacle monster
· Gigantic insects
· Sake is recommended to guests at the bar and take home where they got drunk
· With customers at a shop …
· Tentacle rape
· Nymphos · pleasure falls … etc etc

▼ Uri of the game

– There are ears and a tail in all the etch scenes with the remnant of the fox left.
· There are multiple rape from many men, squash pictures.
· There is no complicated branching and level raising, it can proceed to the H scene without hesitation.
· Innocent girls become massaged by human society and become etched.






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[SLG] [Korapto] Kaikki Sentai Inception Angels

Title / タイトル: 怪虫戦隊インセクトエンジェルズ
Brand / ブランド: コラプト
Release / 販売日: 2018/02/25
File size / ファイル容量:

The squadron heroines who became monstrous phantom beat the enemy’s headquarters while fighting their territory with invasion and SRPG,
Basically it is such a rolling SRPG game!

In order to protect the peace of the town, we installed the device “insect core” that turns humans into monsters
Squadron heroines reborn as monsters.
Collaborate with alliance partner, Justice Organization NASCO, to stop the ambitions of evil organization Balsac!
However, the heroes have just become phantom from humans, gradually know the pleasure to wield power as a monster,
It diffuses from the weak existent person, it goes away with the values of the phantom.
Could it be possible to protect this town safely while keeping the human mind safe?

● Introductory heroine introduction
Hornet (your own) · · · 4 people
Quinn Hornet: A monster of bees. It became a monster with a device “Inect core” that turns humans into monsters.
Blaze Scorpion: A scorpion monster. Pull the team with a passionate personality. I am good at poisoning attack.
Icey Arakunesia: A spider monster. Join the team with cool judgment. You can stop the movement of a wide range of enemies at once.
Thunder · Berphemos: A monster of Ga. A mood maker that feels odd. Strengthening will not hit your opponent’s attack.

NASCO (ally forces) · · · 3 people
Cherry · Pink: Ponite girls with a mild character. Recovery skill.
Lily White: Mature sister. Snipe aiming from far away.
Kanna Orange: A bright precise girl. That smile regains the power to fight those who saw it.

Balsac (enemy army) · · · 3 people
Christie Armor Crow: A big and quiet bear monster. Nail attack attacking a wide range.
Fan Taiga: A somewhat proud monster of tigers. Ultra short range skill “Tiger Tiger Elbow” is the power of a single blow.
Fate Rush Luff: Are you a little stupid? Phantom of the wolf. Quick movement and powerful punch.

There are 10 people in total. (Other female characters themselves will come out)

● “Rehabilitation” system
When certain conditions are fulfilled, characters that were enemies will fight together as friends.
It reforms by a special persuasion method and wakes up to the heart of justice ……
For that reason, let’s get stronger and beat the enemy first and let the prisoners come to Hornet base.

Information on volume
Play time estimate: about 2 to 5 hours

Full screen CG: 5 basic

Tip: When you kill Bersac, you are bringing the former Balthac characters who were converted into a friend … …?






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