Title / タイトル: 陥落要塞 ~反逆の召喚術士~
Brand / ブランド: 天上蓮華
Release / 販売日: 2018/04/21
File size / ファイル容量: 848MB

You are an evil summoner Rulain.
Defeat the women with a noble soul as a female demon ‘s hands and capture it and inflame it!

The real aim is to take revenge on the lady demon Archel who took the Tikara …
Now concentrate on gathering magical powers as servants.

Capture the woman I commanded by Devil Arsiel · · ·
By slime … to wear wolf … to oak … …
Destroy the soul and deprive the magical power!

■ System ■
In case
[Urban Invasion Part]
The summoner, the hero Lurein, summons the monster and eliminates the enemy.
Demons do auto combat.
Because you will be able to summon and organize stronger monsters by accumulating magical powers
Let’s organize well so that it will be advantageous to combine!

【Mental Fall Part】
Let’s destroy a woman who resists pleasure from inside the spirit using the ability to enter the spirit world.
This will progress with manual combat.
Convert magical powers, strengthen fighting abilities within the spirit, protect those inside the spirit Let’s destroy!

【Destroy route】
You can search for sub dungeons that can get lootful items to gain magical powers.
The girls who can meet there seems to be slightly different from humans.

By having friends with the girls I met in sub dungeons
Lovely things may happen!

About update ※!
◆ We updated bug fix and balance to version 1.4 which adjusted the balance to 5/28!
Since the method to inherit save data of Ver1.0 and the update contents are prepared in the folder,
Sorry for troubling you but please read!