Title / タイトル: 東方鉄飛船 ~the Bloody Princesses.
Brand / ブランド: とり飯
Release / 販売日: 2018/03/03
File size / ファイル容量: 687MB

◆ Story

A lakefront Western-style house lived with a vampire sister, a prominent friend, a few followers and many fairies.
Landlord’s younger sister is curious, with her sister having gone out to a party with a friend and a follower,
When I entered a sealed room and was fishing a book, I was sucked into a book with strange magical power and disappeared.
My sisters who came back from the banquet learned about the incident and decided to leave for another world to save my sister.
The place where the girls traveled was a vast, extremely cold land “Mokkoriland”.

◆ Variety and rich variety of H scenes
We have thoroughly focused on enriching variety of H scenes by incorporating numerous maniac elements such as animalism, exposure, anal, box hunk and pankoki.
However, the most powerful field in this work is “lily of heroines”.
In many 18 banned RPGs, the lily scene ratio is rarely less than 10% of the total, but Toho Tetsujin Shipbuilding BP achieves a lily scene ratio of 20%.
There is an expression of Scatology (Large) only with text, but it is not directed on CG.

◆ Familiar naked gait
The main heroine 4 people will be able to walk in underwear and naked in a specific city as the story progresses.
Let’s enjoy watching people’s reactions in the city.
Nudity gait is incorporated in the job change system described later.

◆ Job change
Crystal’s power supports the characters whose magical powers are weakened by the world transition, giving job changing ability.
Many of the 18 banned RPGs that imple- mented the job change are found, but those that can change jobs during battle are very rare among them
In this work, it is possible to avoid situations where the job at the start of battle is forced to struggle because of incompatibility with the enemy.

Mukkoriland is a vast and flat land, separated by the Hidaka Mountains to the east and west,
In the west there are “Ali Moccoli Kingdom” with many cities such as Sapporoppe, Hakadate, Tuppetsu, Yamu Watsukanai, Naoyrosk, Tomacomanai,
In the eastern part, there are “Obelisk United States” which dominates the Lokapi Plain, “City State Avacilitz” which dominates the northeastern part, “City State Kushirosku” which dominates the southeastern part, “City Nation Nemoro” at the eastern end.
Each country has been engaged in long-standing conflicts regarding the use of crystals of four elements of wind, fire, water and soil in the industry and its protection, and it is an international situation that is unrelentable.