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[Eroism] Insect Prison Remake [v0.60]

Release Date: 2024-06-11
Developer: Eroism – itch.io
Original Developer: Mr. 183
Censored: No
Version: 0.60
OS: Windows, Linux, Android
Language: English

This is a remake of Atella’s (Mr.183) CardWirth game, Mushi no Kangoku.
Leah is an adventurer that takes a request to find a missing survey team on a mysterious recently discovered island. The problem with the request is that the island is home to many giant insects, that are more than happy to welcome Leah, in ways that she is probably not expecting…​

(MOD) Adapt scene fast forward and auto battles to work on the Android version
(MOD) Always show button texts on menus on the Android version
(MOD) Parasite Beast escape failed scenes no longer count to unlock Oniku
(FIX) Parasite Beast escape failed scenes raising lewdness and resetting lust
(FIX) Inconsistencies with some message box texts that weren’t updated
(FIX) Missing item icons on some message boxes
(FIX) Not having a pickaxe and interacting with ore veins costed 1 action
(FIX) Wrong bonus damage values for the weapons on the description texts
(FIX) Additional misspellings on some item descriptions
(FIX) Buckler item not contributing to defense value
(ADD) Setting to improve scene performance by preloading images
(ADD) Light Coat and Kite Shield craftable armor
(ADD) Option to buy items on Rumia’s shop (Pickaxe and Anti Parasite only)
(ADD) Bugshroom item and scenes (upscaled by x2)
(ADD) Android version
(REM) Window Mode and Master Volume settings from Android version


Android: GOFILE