Title / タイトル: あなたが団地妻となっていわく付きの団地に住んでみた
Brand / ブランド: かめるにあ
Release / 販売日: 2018/07/11
File size / ファイル容量: 102MB

A game that you become pregnant by the stalker group who became a housing wife
In a rumorous housing complex that a newlywed woman will be pregnant as soon as she gets moved
If you live as a new wife live …

■ Impregnation corps targeting you for a newlyweds wife
Men who have hobby to impregnate more than 10 other wives in this estate are aiming at you
Men are looking for a chance to get close to you and start physical relationship with that hand.
Even being trapped in a trap that you can not escape when you notice !?
Do not doubt this game, all of the characters!

■ Who’s this child, who’s child?
Pregnancy check if you make a sex with someone!
Pregnancy judgment is greatly affected by dangerous days

(About dangerous days)
Keep track of the danger days that change every day from the beginning of the game and act
Safety … Green letter
Normal … White letter
Danger … Red character

(About contraceptive devices and ovulation inducing agents)
Contraceptives for unwanted pregnancies!
Conversely if you want to tie the fruit ovulation inducer!
Let’s use item effectively

(The pregnancy result was found at birth)
I do not know who’s the child until pregnancy is discovered and childbirth
Still continued to be taken off is affair relations and couple life!
Life until birth with men who do not doubt that they made them pregnant over an uneasy wife …

Could it be possible to accomplish the pregnancy with the husband who loves safely in this honorable apartment complex!

■ Including your husband is in the middle and there are many etch events
A stalker group that hobbies others’ wives to impregnate!
Or my beloved husband!

Endless devils pregnancy game until you give birth!