[ACT] [KORAUTO] Sleeper’s ship


ブランド / Brand: コラプト
発売日 / Release Date: 2018/09/15
ファイルサイズ / File Size: 381MB

Be sure to purchase it after confirming that the trial version can be moved beforehand!

★ Genre
Overlooking brainwashing action game

Ogawa Sawa’s heavy and erotic worldview, Koratto games!

Empire ‘s female general school Vitonil goes to the invasion of the frontier area Takamagahara.
There was a federal state of a small country where youkai, such as garbled cats, foxes, demons, intertwinics, and Tengu governing.
Vitonil starts invading Takamagahara using his own brainwashing education device!

This game is an overlooking action game.
Defeat the monarchs of the four countries in any order, brainwash, strengthen … …
Let’s achieve control of Takamagahara while strengthening our strength!

★ Standing picture · CG
Small Ogawa

★ Overview
Number of stages: Four countries are targeted for capture, three stages in each country
Event CG: 15 basic items

★ System
When you defeat the monarchs of each country, you will see that princes and stakeholders
You will be able to use it as a playable character by brainwashing and pulling it into a group.
When brainwashing, you can enjoy events with CG.

· Strengthen
Characters brainwashed and made friends,
It can be strengthened by consuming dedicated items.
(The effect of enhancement depends on character)
When strengthening, you can enjoy events with CG.

· Secretary
One person out of characters who brainwashed and made friends,
You can make it a secretary.
The secretary not only increases the turn in the event scene,
It will strengthen to support battle of all fellows.
(Increase of HP of all members, Gauge efficiency UP of all the deathblowing technique gauge, etc.)






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[180331][RJ191168] [Sleepless ~ Light] Asmodeus Delta ~ Seeking pants ~ episode 0

Asmodeus Delta ~パンツを求めて~ episode0

ブランド / Brand: すとろべり~光
発売日 / Release Date: 2018/03/31
ファイルサイズ / File Size: 766MB

It is the day before Asmodeus Delta

Even the trial version can enjoy all the stories of EPISODE 0

If you purchase for 100 yen, benefits will be attached
· 3 scenes increase in H scene
· Sound gallery
· Treasure box grows a bit
Items limited to buyer privileges also increase by several points

◆ Story ◆
Evil Zepal who resurrected with the power of Maiden Energy after sleeping for 1000 years made Coppelia “Nemophila” for wearing the pants “Asmodeus delta” made with confidence magical powers
Zepal goes on a journey to find pantoeas asmodeus deltter scattered around the world with nemophila for hobbies and desires

◆ Work Introduction
It is RPG which gathers hard to do H-thing by letting heroine’s nemophila wear the pants “Asmodelus delta” pants that Zepal who loves pants created himself
Nemophila who was hating at first waking up to the goodness of pants gradually …

◆ System ◆
A bit retro job change RPG

· By replacing the pants you got, the heroine can change the ability value and skill
(So-called job change)

· Of course you can change the skill!
By obtaining a maiden energy by defeating a woman’s common monster,
LV of pants goes up and learns new skills by injecting into heroine wearing pants

· Heroine is a full voice!
Cv Yuida じ ぇ ぇ み child

· Created by Wolf Editor Resolution 1024 * 576






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[RPG] [White Moor] Arlcoco -The One Winged Princess Pet- Ver.2.21

Title / タイトル: アールココ-片翼の愛玩姫- / Arlcoco -The One Winged Princess Pet-
Brand / ブランド: WhiteMoor
Release / 販売日: 2017/08/31
File size / ファイル容量: 330MB

– I made a one – winged girl who fell from the sky, made me sex slaves –

◆ Story

An alchemist’s man (player)
I met a one-wing girl who lost memory.
There was no way to save her only to be sex slaves.

A girl with a single wing named Arco Coco,
I wished to return to the sky and regain memories.

The alchemist ‘s man should give his child to the sky
I started an adventure looking for that way.

Can they find a way to make wings?
And can Art Coco return to the sky?
Or … …?

◆ Specification

Basic H number of sheets 28 sheets, difference total number 310 sheets.
All 14 erotic animation patterns.

Erotic skills in battle are all animation.
Skipping is possible at any timing.

◆ Game system

Although it is an orthodox RPG of random encounter,
The encounter rate is low, the level rises crisp.

Earl Coco, a sex slave, in the middle of adventure, not only magic,
As we remember handy techniques with etch more and more,
You can use it to comfortably advance your adventure.

When I return to my house, I talk to ARCOCOKO and raise the likability,
You can raise sex slavery and increase sex slave suitability and sexual skill.

The higher the parameter is, the more power is increased
There are also erotic skills, so let’s positively raise it.

About the specification of the trial version

I can play about the first hour of the hour.

There are parts where the main part and the specification are different.
Please note that save data can not be handed over.

After clearing the trial version, the item which is the main part entered
You can know the password to open the treasure box.






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