Title / タイトル: おさわりFLASH恋人の祖父にSEX調教される日々2 / Touching FLASH Days of Sex Training By Gramps 2
Brand / ブランド: 噂のエロレディオヘッド / UWASANO EroRadioHead
Release / 販売日: 2016/08/20
File size / ファイル容量: 1.19GB

Modeled after Yukiko from Pers*na 4 but
you can enjoy it without knowing the series.

– secret LIAISON with lover’s OLD MAN at a hotel
– SEX with her lover
– SEX with her lover’s grandmother
– pissing with PLEASURE after SEX with old man
– bonus SEX (no scenario, breathing only)

24 EROTIC SCENES with 3 body options (pose, M shape doggy) (3 base CGs + variations)
Classic touching with level up and status changes and the passage of time (no time limit)
Do everything with just the MOUSE!
Featuring blowjobs, breast sex, intercourse, creampies and external cumshots
Smoothly ANIMATED breast bounce with After Effects
Adjust the volume of heavy breathing voice or toggle ON/OFF (during touching)
Toggle glasses, panties on face, pubes, eyeline, fluids mode and other visuals ON/OFF (affects H scenes)
Voice acting included
Customize the player name!

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Contains overlapping content with RE175926 – Touching FLASH Days of Sex Training By Gramps.