Title / タイトル: メタモルエンジェル菜々美 / Metamor Angel Nanami
Brand / ブランド: パティスリー / Patisserie
Release / 販売日: 2009/10/16
File size / ファイル容量: 617MB

You are given a transformation ability to a mysterious creature that came from a different world, and manipulate girls as monsters
The hero who was supposed to cooperate with childhood friend · Nana Beauty who was fighting the bad existence “Neat”
It gets caught up in a dreadful battle colored with etch.
Nana Nina’s Special Move is done horny with monsters, Olga Energy activated by Iku.
Therefore, every time, monsters are fucked, enjoying her sexual assault, and to make Nana Naka more likely to reach the culmination,
You can enjoy a variety of cosplay etch from cosplay according to the form of monster and fighting.

■ Story
From erosion to extraordinary, school girls are prefered from girls’ students, Makio Uzuki (hero) of a calendar age without her,
It is confessed from a girls student who is an idol of the academy, and it keeps making it etch as it is.
Makio of dreams, suddenly the female student turned into a monster and was attacked.
Murdered -, at the moment he was prepared, she wrapped herself in a lovely and flashy costume like a magical girl
Childhood friend · Nagi Nagi Beauty appeared, and while being scattered and severely scratched, it was to repel the monster.

■ Appearance character
● Nagatsuki Nana
Classmate with a hero’s childhood friend.
Even one of the few girls who normally touches us, even against the hero who is hated when it is seen only when pregnant.
From a hurry, I met a mysterious creature with the power to make people ‘s wish –
In order to defeat the existence of evil “Neat” that he escaped,
You will lend your strength and gain the ability to transform and fight.
Personality is gentle and gentle, not suitable for battle, but to cast a tough battle to help the hero.

● Haruka Uzuki
The hero’s sister-in-law. First grade student going to the same school.
She is also one of the few girls who usually touches the hero.
A girl with a clear, cheerful, curious, slightly devilish place.
Although I am not good at studying, I belong to the rhythmic gymnastics department with preeminent exercise.
Since my father died early, my mother was busy with work, and I often leave home,
I also do housework, surprisingly solid aspects as well.

● Yayoi Mutsuki
A woman who has been assigned as a temporary instructor to a school where the hero goes.
I am living in the hero’s house from various circumstances.
A cool beauty who gives a slight impression of a dumpling, but a gentle personality.
Actually, it is the same residents as the only people who came and came to the human world for a certain purpose.
My real name is Linear and I hide the identity of all of them.