Womens Defence ~ウィメンズディフェンス~

ブランド / Brand: サークルきんぐ
発売日 / Release Date: 2018/04/22
ファイルサイズ / File Size: 859MB

▼ Prologue

In the past great war spared radiation, and only the man died due to the influence.
The surviving women lived strongly in a world without a man.
But its peaceful time did not last long …

Men who should have died turned into zombies, they came to attack women as they desire.
As if sex at the time of a man is alive, I will disseminate the child to the woman.
And the city was dominated by the zombies.

However, women are not just being kicked off …
He formed an army to counter zombies.
And the formation of the army was fruit, and gradually succeeded in driving out zombies gradually.

The protagonist “Kanon” who admires such an army decides to enter the army.
Under Colonel Cindar Guard who is said to be a military-capable expert, Kanon was dying hard day and night

And finally this day …
Kanon finished his final training and headed to the battlefield.

▼ Game (Tower Defense)

Before the enemy invades, place the unit and fight off the enemy.
It is my mission to protect defense points.

If the hero collapses or the town is attacked, the game will be over.

When the unit comes in contact with the enemy, it will be recharged on the spot.
Once the opponent gains control of the initiative, the neighborhood becomes a unit festival festival,
The hell picture of Ajinzo is unfolded.

Because only the hero can move and attack oneself,
Please turn around for assistance depending on communication from the unit.

※ Please refer to the instruction manual or the in-game tutorial for the operation method.

▼ Event / animation

· Illustration (Masao Kono)

9 basic types
* Difference majority: Before insertion, after insertion, belly boko, inside crease, eye catch, mouthpak and so on.
※ The event scene will be full voice.

· Animation (1,000 or more in total)

7 main character hero types
Four basic types of gunner
4 types of sniper basic
Four basic types of gunner
4 types of Grenayder
* Difference majority: difference in LV, ejaculation, convulsions, childbirth, incontinence, etc.
※ During animation will be full voice.

· Armor Break Animation
It is displayed when the hero, each unit eats damage.