Title / タイトル: メイジズメイズ ~迷宮の主の玩具にされる冒険者~
Brand / ブランド: んじゃ! リサイクル屋
Release / 販売日: 2018/07/05
File size / ファイル容量: 25MB

Mages Maze – Adventurer who is made toy of the Labyrinth’s Lord ~

Adventurers scream and mourn at the back of the dark labyrinth. And also gasping.

Some are made a comforting man of monsters,
Some are ruthlessly haunted by traps,

And some are …… Together with those who were the same adventurers,

In the palm of Mage, the ruler of the labyrinth.
Adventurers are just danced.

○ erotic dungeon management

Adventurers come to the labyrinth!
Let’s hospitally admire those adventurers from the dark!
Fitting in a trap and playing female meat,
Trapped by monsters and insulted,
Telling an adventurer who was a servant,
Let’s have adventurers by your favorite means!

Adventurer of coming women creates randomly!
Its appearance, personality and strength are all different!
You can play with plenty of your favorite kids,
It is okay to dispose of children who do not like easily.
Everything depends on you.

○ Story

You trade with the Makai to master the mage.
Instead of receiving a mighty magical power
Deal with mana offering.
Mana, it is made by reducing the mental power of a person.
In order to get it lubricated, you took a measure.
I am remodeling the dungeon with a mighty power gained from Makai,
I squeeze the spirit of the adventurer who has challenged me.
To that end, steal the crown of wisdom that is regarded as treasure of the kingdom,
You concealed in the depths of the dungeon.
Give the cave a barrier that only women can enter.
In this way,
Women adventurers all challenged the dungeon.
Some are for the huge reward for recapturing the crown.
Some are to defeat demons that save to the dungeon and gain experience.
Some are burning in righteousness to forgive your wolves.

Sacrifice such women adventurers, squeeze your mental power!

○ On three lines

Make a dungeon.
Attract female adventurers.
Mana is a ho hau ha.