Title / タイトル: プリンセスナイト・ローズ
Brand / ブランド: だるま屋
Release / 販売日: 2018/07/14
File size / ファイル容量: 603MB

◆ Princess Knight insult! Exploratory RPG ◇

This work is a simple search RPG that does not include battle scenes.
Please let us escape from the three dungeons safely the Princess Knight Rose encountering a strange eye.

The average playing time is about 10 to 15 hours.

◆ System, I stuck it ◇

· Those who are excited about numbers, it is recommended

Sensitivity 3000 times. Just by the wind blowing the great cum -.
Such a complaint can be excited to the highest, but on the other hand it is caught stuck in one corner of the head.

“But how comfortable is it, objectively?
How big is it for the heroine? ”

In this work, you set up mental power, estrus value, pleasure value, cum maximum meter, sensitivity of each part of the body
I challenged expression with objective figures.

A scenes of scenes expressed with words and numbers
Please try it once by all means.

· It will be developed more and more!

Every time sexual harassment of the main character ‘s rose, it becomes infinitely weak against pleasure.
If it is developed too much, it may expose the abomination that goes crazy just by walking.
I will take care.

· Bad status! Sequelae!

In addition to the sensitivity of the person himself / herself as the base when feeling Rose
It is also affected by aftereffects caused by estrus degree, bad status, physical remodeling,

Especially sequelae, unlike the bad status where the duration of the effect is limited
It is unrecoverable and a lifetime thing.

Even if you cleared it all the time, it is a little sorry for being too miserable body,
Let’s avoid it as much as possible.

· Standing picture! Change clothes!

During capture, a standing picture reflecting various conditions of rose is displayed.
It corresponds also to dress change with equipment with all 6 parts.

Of course clothes will also be reflected in walking graphics!

· Also think about Rose

If it gets stuck during the attack, it may be nice to look inside the head of Rose.
She is also a party, and she is thinking about escaping her.
Perhaps there may be new discoveries.