Release date: 2013/08/13
Censorship: Yes
Developer / Publisher: Clymenia
Platform: PC / Windows
Language: English
Size: 69 mb

* Port City Ron
Your first town visit in the RPG.
Aisha is stuck here. She needs quite a bit of money to make it out of town.
Dungeon-crawling or naughty part-time jobs are among her options.
The player gets to decide.
* Commerce City Selnan
The Grimoire of Lust is in this town.
Aisha will have to work hard to get close to its wealthy owner.
Gain notoriety by catching thieves to be invited to the owner’s
home, or Aisha can sell herself directly to him…
The first half of the game is shame and service.
The second half is prostitution and assault.
* Battles
Typical enemies can be dispatched with a slash or two.
Escape battles if you want. You can evade everyone but the last boss.
* Shame
Aisha’s sense of shame decreases the more she has sex.
The less shame she has, the less she can resist things.
Get her low enough and she’ll stop wearing clothes entirely!
Be sure to chat with lots of people to enjoy all the
reactions Aisha gets when she’s strutting her stuff in public.