[RPG] [Machinery] Corenoid ~Let’s Build Steel Maidens~ Ver.1.03

Title / タイトル: コアノイド ~組換え自在の鋼鉄乙女~ / Corenoid ~Let’s Build Steel Maidens~
Brand / ブランド: マシーナリー / Machinery
Release / 販売日: 2017/11/23
File size / ファイル容量: 41MB

You can do dirties with robot girls you have assembled, and take combats with them!!

The battle system and graphics are all originally created.
The robot girls’ abilities, attack methods and appearances etc.
are influenced by what parts they are quipped with.
Plenty of events with human heroines contained.

* Synopsis
“Corenoid” is robot that consists of a humane program “CORE”
and parts of head, body, arms and legs attached to shape like humans.
Today Corenoid spread over the society with a variety of roles
from night partner to fighter in competition.

One day the protagonist happened to pick up a strange CORE,
that will bring him to the field of “Core Battle” with the unspoken
rule where the winner can perform erotic stuff on the loser…

* System
– You can equip “Parts” on each section of your Corenoid:
head / chest / legs / right arm / left arm and shoulders
to create your own Corenoid.

– In some H events, the equipped parts are reflected to CG.

– Some combinations of particular parts cause special event scenes.

– You can obtain new parts in many ways:
explore and pick up / provided by others / purchase / awarded in competition etc.

– The story develops focusing on “CoreBattle (Battle between Corenoids)”.

– Events with a human heroine take place along with the progression of the story.

* Specifications
– Play Time: Approx. 2-3 hours (estimated)
– File Size: Approx. 40MB

* Current version is 1.03
Save data can be transferred from older version to newer version
by copy & paste. Please do not forget to backup the save data beforehand.






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[Chikko] Rape Forest

Title / タイトル: レイパーの森 / R*pe Forest
Brand / ブランド: チッコ / Chikko
Release / 販売日: 2018/02/23
File size / ファイル容量: 1.10GB

* Notice: An error may occur if this game was played in 2560×1440 resolution.
Thus please play this game in 1920×1080 or lower resolution settings.

A slave trader hurries to a forest in order to sell a Dark Elf he captured.
The forest is called “R*pe Forest”, surrounded by iron bars.

The owner of the forest Magellan buys the Dark Elf to hold a r*pe festa…

This is an ACT game with the theme of comeback, where the heroine
transforms into a warrior in a bikini armor and beats the r*pist down.
When she isn’t transformed, being captured instantly causes H situations.
With enough money, she can hire r*pists with various kinky fetishes.

Her bikini armor’s color can be changed.
She will be made into a cumdump upon less earning.

Scenes are in animations with pant voices and SFX.
With / without cross-sectional view selectable.
Includes some minigame against monsters.

There are traps that change day to day (e.g. high jump, compulsory dash).
There are treasure chests (e.g. gold bar, status improvements).






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