Title / タイトル: 女騎士テレーズの日常
Brand / ブランド: ひーといんぱるすの会
Release / 販売日: 2018/05/12
File size / ファイル容量: 153MB

It is a short ADV
Everyone, I think that you know a lot of works by knight knights
What a wonderful thing to say The woman knight is an etiquette itself, and even if he talks greatly in front of everyone
I think that it is an existence that you want to call out as “Noisy! Show me a tits”

I wanted to be a soldier and chase after the female knight’s butt
It is up to you to put such feelings on this work

Although it is a female knight’s work, unfortunate developments, painful developments, developments that are likely to be killed are not particularly noted, everyday (?) Is drawn

The main part is also short, but the trial version is shorter.

It is appreciated if you can play only the trial version even to check the operation, feel the atmosphere.

Since there is not a choice, I think that it will be over soon if I use the skip function So those who have time please do not hesitate.