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(OINARI CAT) REVENGE PARADISE ~My grandfather’s inheritance was a secret organization~ [RJ01195284]

Release date Jun/14/2024 0
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[Character Creation] x [Disciplinary Punishment] x [Sex Anytime Anywhere]
REVENGE PARADISE ~my grandfather left behind a secret organization~ [OINARI CAT]

Your Very Own Character
REVENGE PARADISE ~my grandfather left behind a secret organization~ [OINARI CAT]

You can create a unique character using a selection of detailed parameters!

Not only the main parameters like hairstyle, skin tone, eyes, breasts, rump, etc., but also minor details such as the character’s height, size, shoulder width, arm width, waist, and more can be fine-tuned.

Featuring a selection of voice archetypes… boyish, sadistic, cunning, etc. you can create the girl of your dreams!

Also, by completing tasks and unlocking costumes, you can dress her up… or down, as you please.
REVENGE PARADISE ~my grandfather left behind a secret organization~ [OINARI CAT]

Sex Anytime Anywhere!
REVENGE PARADISE ~my grandfather left behind a secret organization~ [OINARI CAT]

You can take the girls you’ve created and / or disciplined around the island resort.
Dress them how you please, take them where you want, ogle at them as you desire, and “play” with them anytime you want!

There are secret play spots which are only available via free mode…
Disciplinary Punishment
REVENGE PARADISE ~my grandfather left behind a secret organization~ [OINARI CAT]

Upon your grandfather’s sudden departure from this world you inherit a certain island resort, and it turns out to be a secret organization……!
Girls with “special circumstances” are brought here from all over the world.
Having become the “executioner” of this resort, you will receive various tasks, and dish out punishment.
Whether you can subjugate the girls through your discipline is up to you!

Receive a task, chase down the target, catch her and show the girl her place!
Until you have completed the punishment objective, you can enjoy her body as you please.
The more tasks you complete, the more costume and sex positions will be unlocked.

[Atelier Sakura] My beloved girlfriend who was sexually trained ~ Lewd habits trained by another man DL version [VJ01002156]

Release date Apr/26/2024
Scenario づか
Illustration まる。
Voice Actor 花寺香蓮
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The protagonist, Ritsu, has a girlfriend in the same class named Sarina.

Sarina keeps her distance from her lively classmates and has a quiet personality, reading books in the corner of the classroom.

Due to her small stature and neat appearance, her classmates nickname her Princess.

Sarina and Ritsu, who is kind-hearted and a little shy, are on the same wavelength,
and they slowly get along at their own pace and deepen their friendship.

Ritsu dreams of one day being able to have a deeper and more loving relationship,
but continues their pure relationship.

–Ritsu doesn’t know.
Sarina’s body has already been thoroughly trained by her uncle…

●Sakuma Sarina (CV: Hanadera Karen)
She is in the same class as the protagonist.
A second-year student at the school.
She lost both of her grandparents at an early age, and then her parents in an accident, leaving her alone.
From a young age, he witnessed many deaths, and due to his relationship with his uncle afterwards,
he used to have a cheerful personality, but now he is gloomy and somewhat pessimistic.
However, he gradually opened up to Ritsu, who was concerned about him in many ways, and now he has regained a little bit of his cheerfulness.

●Sakuma Taro

Sarina’s uncle.

Currently, Sarina is living in his house.


He is an engineer who works from home, and is very good at his job, but his personality is distorted and ugly in proportion to that.

At one time, he was in love with Sarina’s mother (his brother’s wife),

and has twisted feelings towards Sarina, who strongly resembles her mother.

In return for protecting Sarina in her daily life, he thoroughly humiliates, toys with, and trains her.

●Ida Ritsu

The protagonist.

Sarina’s classmate and boyfriend.

He has a gentle and kind personality, and is considerate of Sarina, who is always alone and tends to be an outcast in class.

As they started talking little by little, he fell in love with Sarina, and Sarina accepted his feelings, and the two became a couple.
He’s very good at studying, but terrible at sports, and is near the bottom of his grade.
He’s worried about it himself, and is making an effort, but his constitution makes it difficult for him to build muscle, and there’s been no improvement.

[Nagatoi] [Early Access Version] One Shota Dungeons [RJ01086638]

Release date Dec/30/2023
Update information Mar/09/2024

Series name ショタシリーズ
Author 永門卯衣
Scenario 永門卯衣
Illustration ぺりり
Voice Actor 大山チロル
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A dungeon exploration type monster girl onee shota life with a lot of random elements

There are 12 monster girls!!!

Note: Currently, Onee Shota Dungeons is an early access version.

We will aim to complete the game by updating it in the future, such as adding illustrations.

The next major update will increase the selling price to 1,480 yen (tax included).

The final version will be 1,980 yen (tax included).

Until then (during the early access version), there will be no discounts.

☆Update plan roadmap☆

Next time, the story conversation event will be completed.

New illustrations will be added.

Updated to ver.1.01 on March 8, 2024!

The latest version is 1.01.

The protagonist, “Ex”, has come to the “day” he must do as the one who will carry the country on his shoulders in the future.
He must go to the depths of the dungeon, where ferocious and sexually unrestrained monster girls live, to get the proof of the trial!

Game overview:
A game in which you aim to reach the 50th floor underground while escaping from monster girls. (The trial version is up to the 10th floor)
You can earn “money” by bumping into rocks and gold mines along the way.
There are also recovery items. There are also traps.
Of course, if you get caught by a violent monster girl, an H event will occur!!!
Do your best to reach the deepest part!!!

☆Main game system
The main dungeon is randomly generated! Not only the map, but also the items that are dropped are randomly placed!
There is no way to resist the protagonist. You can only run away from the monster girls!
Equipment has a level, and you can strengthen it with material items obtained in the dungeon!
Earn H points by having sex with monster girls and increase the protagonist’s abilities!
You will need to go into the dungeon a certain number of times to train the protagonist.
There is a rescue measure for those who find it troublesome to save money.
In the full version, you can immediately use the full unlock of the reminiscence room!!!

☆Differences between the trial version and the full version
The trial version will be returned to the first floor on the 10th floor.
The full unlock switch for the reminiscence room cannot be used!
Other than that, the trial version is the same as the full version.

There are only short H scenes. Be careful if you want to read the text!
I think the trial version can be carried over to the full version.
I think it’s best to check the weight with the trial version.

Resolution: 1280 x 720 pixels
Illustration: Periri
Voice of main character: Oyama Tyrol
Produced by: Nagato Ui
Circle: Nagatoui

[R.R.R.] [VR compatible] VR sex with Illya [Japanese/English] [RJ01138385]

Release date Jan/01/2024
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/ Quest用APKファイル
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Sex with the magical girl Illya. Her small body is sexy.

VR compatible: Sex with Illya in VR [Japanese/English] [rrr]

You can observe the insertion in a cross-sectional view.

VR compatible: Sex with Illya in VR [Japanese/English] [rrr]

Her facial expression changes according to the speed.

VR compatible: Sex with Illya in VR [Japanese/English] [rrr]

She attacks you in the cowgirl position!

SteamVR/Quest standalone/desktop compatible!

It supports operation on SteamVR/Quest standalone/desktop, so it works on many devices.

・Supported VR models
VR devices that support SteamVR or OpenXR

・Meta Quest 1 or later (using Quest Link)
・VALVE Index
Etc. It will work if it supports SteamVR or OpenXR!

・Quest standalone
If you use the enclosed APK, it can work standalone on Meta Quest 1 or later devices (operation confirmed on Quest 2).

・It also works on desktop

Please refer to the operation instructions in the folder after downloading for operation instructions.

・Motion x2 (speed adjustable)
・Sound effects
・Cross-section view ON/OFF
・Viewpoint movement function

VR game production (author): rrr

3D model: Chloe Lab


Release date Jun/09/2024 0
Update information Jun/15/2024

Author PIえろ
Scenario PIえろ
Illustration PIえろ
Voice Actor 篠守ゆきこ / 佐藤みるく / 森野めぐむ / 小板橋篤記
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Exciting! Shaking! Stylish 2D busty action with a great sense of exhilaration!
Yamigari Korou [PIEROCK GAMES]

Stylish busty action with an exhilarating battle system and smooth pixel animation in HD quality!
Combine the destructive “dark technique” and the “snatch” that draws enemies with a muffler to perform combos freely!

A total of 33 super intense H scenes!!
Each scene comes with a variety of variations and finishes!
Of course, all H scenes are fully voiced by female characters!

More than 20 types of rich erotic animations with 4 speed changes and finishes!
There are also classic erotic scenarios using big size animations that fill the screen + beautiful CG!

■ Division of H scenes at launch
・Pixel H scenes
22 types (+ each scene motion difference)
・Anime H scenes
5 types (+ each scene motion difference)
・Erotic scenarios (CG & text)
6 types (6 basic types + differences)
Various effects and gimmicks that liven up the adventure and battle!

Dark Hunting Red Wolf [PIEROCK GAMES]

When using his special move, a powerful cut-in animation of a jiggling wolf appears!

Dark Hunting Red Wolf [PIEROCK GAMES]

Red Wolf is known for his speed and agility.

He runs freely across the map by wall running and wall jumping!

He can also use his scarf to pull enemies in with him, which can be used for movement. As the scarf is stretched, the fabric of his body is removed, but top-class dark hunters don’t care about that!

Dark Hunting Red Wolf [PIEROCK GAMES]

Massage your body after a battle! Red Wolf’s reaction changes depending on where you massage.
If you massage him well, Red Wolf’s favorability will increase!
He might get angry if you massage his butt and boobs too much!?

Dark Hunting Red Wolf [PIEROCK GAMES]

Emergency recovery with sex even during battle! Give Red Wolf pleasure at the right time.

The sex scenes are both convenient and practical!

Yamigari Korou [PIEROCK GAMES]

You control Tachio in Korou’s house, which serves as your base. You can talk to Korou and invite him to sex.
Sex in bed can be done in a variety of ways than during battle. You can open and close the curtains, change the background music, zoom in on high resolution images, and even have hidden elements!?
Of course, there is no need to worry about being attacked by enemies. Deepen your love with Korou to your heart’s content!
Yamigari Korou [PIEROCK GAMES]

Some events put Korou in a pinch!? NTR rape events are always bad endings. You can choose not to watch them or avoid them! Basically, all scenes will be registered in the gallery just by clearing them. There are no troublesome unlock conditions!
Protect your beloved partner Korou with all your might!
Yamigari Korou [PIEROCK GAMES]

Monsters may also attack you in a sexy way!? Other monsters will also attack you while you are restrained! Escape quickly.
Yamigari Kurou [PIEROCK GAMES]

With the full reminiscence mode function, you can rewatch the sex scenes as many times as you want!

The Story of Yamigari Kurou

Yamigari Kurou [PIEROCK GAMES]

One day, Tachio, who was an ordinary office worker, is suddenly
transported to another world where dark monsters, commonly known as “Yamimon”, are rampant.

He is attacked by Yamimon in the strange world, but is saved by the beautiful Yamigari Kurou, with impressive red hair and huge breasts.

However, the moment he comes into contact with Kurou,
he fuses with her special battle suit, “Gear”.

Thus, Tachio fights alongside her as her suit during battles,
while searching for a way to return to his original world (while being made to take care of personal belongings at home).
Yamigari Kourou [PIEROCK GAMES]

Character Introduction

Yamigari Kourou [PIEROCK GAMES]

Kourou (Crow) Voiced by Yukiko Shinomori
Height: 170cm Weight: 57kg
B: 121 W: 60 H: 104

A beautiful female Yamigari.
A master of the Mahashinken technique, she fights by freely manipulating a battle suit called a Gear.
She is famous in the Yamigari community for her fighting power, beauty, and above all, her super voluptuous bust.

She has a connection with the white Gear Yamigari, and has been searching for him for a long time.

She is a bit headstrong and acts before she thinks, but she has a kind and tolerant personality.

She loves ramen.
Yamigari Korou [PIEROCK GAMES]

Hakua (CV: Miruku Sato)

Height: 165cm, Weight: 55kg

B:117 W:56 H:100

A white gear suit Yamigari who is pursuing Tachio for some reason.

He is a practitioner of martial arts similar to Korou and they end up fighting each other several times over Tachio.

He has a cool and dry personality, but you can sometimes see a glimpse of sadness in his cold eyes.

Yamigari Korou [PIEROCK GAMES]

Mysterious Woman CV: Megu Morino

Height: ???cm, Weight: ??kg

B:148 W68 H126

A woman shrouded in mystery.
All we know is that she has overwhelmingly large breasts.

Yamigari Korou [PIEROCK GAMES]


A man who was an ordinary office worker in an ordinary world.
One day, he suddenly wanders into another world and fuses with Korou’s gear.
As a Gear, he supports her in battle while searching for a way to return to her original world.

A big fan of big breasts.

Life in a strange land is tough, but he enjoys living with the young, busty, and beautiful Red Wolf.

By fusing with the Gear, he is able to give the Red Wolf power with his semen.

■The game doesn’t work?

This game was created with Pixel Game Maker MV.

If the game doesn’t start, try the following method.

There may be a dll shortage.

In that case, you will need to install the following Microsoft Visual C++ package.

*There are x86 and x64 packs, so if your OS is 64-bit, install both.

[Thigh-scratching Heaven] Kero’s shit [RJ039824]

Release date May/23/2008
Product format
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This is a product featuring characters that are adored on a national level, engaging in vulgar sexual acts!

For those who consider a story annoying and unnecessary, there is a CG mode.
There are 34 CG images in total (only counting the erotic scenes).
For more information, please visit the following website:

[sys3.6.3.] 動くE.C.M.5 [v20.12.10] [RJ205546]

Release date Aug/11/2017
Update information Dec/10/2020

Series name 動くE.C.M.
Author ザンクロー
Music さば夫
Product format
File format


Supported languages
File size

sys3.6.3.’s voluptuous lower body styled mascot character Henrietta is here to
let all you elder brother’s out there use her as an erotic fleshy toilet! In Animation!

12 loop animation scenes (of which, 2 are slime girl and 2 are white knightess)

As a new feature, we implemented auto proceeding to the next scene feature.

Also; slime color variations, ejaculation scene looping feature,
Random speed animation selection and auto animation speed adjustment!

* Characters are NOT voiced.
* FlashPlayer is contained but global settings may change depending on Adobe’s will.

Added in December 2020: MP4 version

(Inus) Little Sister! Life ~Fantasy~ (Ver.1.4.5) + DLC [RJ338582]

Release date Feb/10/2022
Update information Jun/11/2024

Series name 限界!?
Author いぬすく
Scenario いぬすく / ひづめ
Illustration いぬすく / ユキヒ / ディアびろ / さんずい / えこる
Product format
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A fantasy life simulation game about living together with your cute little sister.
Slowly, little by little, you’ll grow closer to each other.

Your parents are adventurers, meaning they’re away from home almost all year round,
leaving just you and your little sister.

What kind of big brother will you be!?

Key Features

* To put it simply, this release features more of everything.
More CG, more more cut-ins, more scenarios, more everything!

* The story this time takes place in a fantasy setting, so there are wars, etc.

* You’re a strapping lad living with his little sister. You dream of becoming on adventurer.
Your daily routine includes fighting monsters, training your body, and working various jobs.
As the days pass, you might find that you and your little sister are getting closer…maybe even VERY close.

Peep on her bathing, cum on her while she’s sleeping, steal her panties…if you wanna be that kind of brother.
The difficulty has gone up compared to previous releases, so be warned!

* You’ll slowly gain access to more activities
At first you’ll have to be sneaky…but you’ll gradually get to do more things.

Cooking together going out during the weekend together, doing mischief to her while she’s sleeping, having a bath together…
If you put in the time, lots of other “activities” may open up to you…

* Featuring the Imouto Touching 2.0 system
We’ve introduced the new touching system: “Imouto Touching 2.0”.
Why is it called 2.0, you ask?

“You can caress your sleeping sister’s nipples with your left hand
while staring at her panties and masturbating,
or you could toy with her clit and nipples while fucking and kissing her.”

Depending on how you play, you might even encounter a scene where the stimulation from your sister’s orgasming pussy,
resulting from you playing with her clit while fucking her, causes you to cum.

* Featuring OMS, the Oniichan Making System
OMS is a system that allows you to create yourself.
“Panty-hunter”, “Soft toucher”, “Sleuthing Perv”, “Sex Master”.
All these different oniichans provide a slightly different gameplay experience.
Learn various skills, and enjoy the game as the character of your choice.

* Slightly Animated H Scenes

* Exploding Imouto
She’s your little sister, you think she isn’t going to explode?

* Other
This work is drawn in black and white (monochrome).

[Poponoku Shobo] Plain-looking busty housewife – debt repayment NTR story [RJ01148724]

Release date Jan/29/2024
Product format
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One day, Erina (32), a devoted wife to her husband Takeshi Sakaki, finds out that he has been fired from his job and is in debt.

For the sake of her beloved husband, Erina decides to sell herself to earn money, and a new daily life begins…!!

There are two endings.
The included ReadMe contains detailed walkthroughs and operation instructions.

– 25 basic erotic CGs (not including character portraits)

[Operating environment]
This game is made with RPG Maker MV.
Complies with the operating environment of RPG Maker MV.