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(Tail Aki) Jellyfish Life [RJ01127013]

Release date Feb/25/2024 0
Author テイル・アキ
Scenario テイル・アキ
Illustration テイル・アキ
Voice Actor 秋宮凛
Product format
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Update & Circle Information

☆★☆ Check out Ci-en for the latest information on our circle “Tail Aki”!! ☆★☆
Please check ci-en for development status and update details.
If you have any opinions or comments, I would be happy if you could contact me via ci-en.

Fixed some bugs in the game (details are in the attached text file)
Would you like to have a bittersweet experience while working with a plain female part-time worker?

Jellyfish Life [Tail Aki]

The main character is trying to pay off her late father’s debt.
He takes over the ramen shop “Kurage-tei”.

She will work there part-time.
A plain female heroine, “Migetsu Ayagawa.”

But she is a recluse and has communism.
Will she be able to safely repay her debt in this condition…?

A business life in tandem with an unassuming female part-time worker begins…!
Jellyfish Life [Tail Aki]

Ayagawa Kaigetsu CV: Akimiya Rin

At the ramen shop “Kurage-tei” run by the main character.
She is a 20-year-old plain girl who started working part-time.

She had been a recluse since graduating from junior high school.
She is extremely bad at talking to people.
She still wants to work at this store
She seems to have a reason…
She has a slightly chubby body and her breasts are big.

A two-person ramen shop management x a rich pure love story

Jellyfish Life [Tail Aki]

In order to pay off her debt, I hired a plain female part-time worker as an employee.
This is SLG, which runs a ramen shop while growing up.

While living her daily life
Doing both the training part and the sales part
Let’s increase the popularity of your store!

While communicating with the heroine
Maybe someday love will bloom between the two…?
Jellyfish Life [Tail Aki]

Various events are held at “Kurage-tei”
I’m waiting for you.

I cry, laugh, and sometimes feel my heart tighten.
A rich pure love story will unfold.

Of course, there are a lot of naughty things…

Special H scenes
Jellyfish Life [Tail Aki]

The main H scene is real-time + full voice + cut-in animation where multiple commands can be executed at the same time!
This is “free sex” where players can touch freely.

Fully voiced by a voice actor and BGV (background voice) that will stimulate your crotch!
Her reactions constantly change depending on the player’s actions.

You can freely combine 4 types of costumes and 3 types of underwear to have sex.

It’s all up to the player’s choice, such as taking off her clothes a little or sliding her pants down and inserting her!
◆Basic information

▼You can enjoy sweet and sour pure love with a plain female part-time worker.
The excitement of gradually getting closer to her… After your first experience, a sweet time awaits you.

▼The heroine in the story and during sex is fully voiced by a voice actor! (There are some exceptions)
Over 20,000 characters and over 1000 words of voice!

▼The basic number of CGs is over 30. (Excluding stand-up pictures including cut-ins) Over 1000 sheets including differences.

▼In addition to free sex, there are also sub-sex scenes such as blowjobs and handjobs in work clothes that you can read through text.

▼Ecchi situations
Free sex: missionary position, doggy style
Sub-sex: cowgirl position, deep kiss, titty fuck, fellatio, sweet handjob, phone call sex, etc.

▼Detailed sex status included.

▼Play time is 4 hours to clear ~ There is also an endless mode where you can play freely indefinitely after clearing the game.

※important point
In order for you to empathize with the heroine, there is a certain amount of sex included.
Not recommended for those who want to get rid of it right away.

★No hard play, no cuckolding. Only flirty.

★About the trial version
In addition to being able to play the opening part of the game and up to the third day, you can also experience free sex.
Save data from the trial version can be carried over to the product version.

★This product is created using RPG Maker MV.
Game screen

Jellyfish Life [Tail Aki]

The main character’s younger sister is a positive gal.
He takes care of the relationship with the heroine in various ways.
*There are no erotic scenes (but there may be some erotic selfies…?
Jellyfish Life [Tail Aki]

by customers visiting the store
Let’s serve customers appropriately!
Encourage customers who are feeling down by shouting out loud!
Jellyfish Life [Tail Aki]

Message with the heroine on your smartphone
It will also allow you to communicate.
Depending on how well you like them, you can have them send you naughty selfies.
And even sex on the phone…!
Jellyfish Life [Tail Aki]

There is also a sex status that you can see in detail.
As the development of the body progresses, not only the CG of each part such as breasts will change.
The heroine will tell you her naughty impressions in voice.

[Entergram] Uniform Girlfriend DL version + Deluxe Edition Bonus [1250249]

Brand: Entergram (List of works by this brand)
List price: ¥9,980 (¥10,978 including tax)
Release date: 2024/02/22
JAN code: 4935066509234

Work introduction
This is a game where you can make friends with girlfriends who use SNS on smartphones and go on dates.
You can communicate with your girlfriend not only at school, but also on your way to and from school and on holidays.

Point 1: Commitment to uniforms
Wear winter uniform + summer uniform + original activity uniform!
You will fall in love with the charm of the girlfriends who not only wear the winter and summer uniforms of Nishishin Gakuen, which is the setting, but also the uniforms dedicated to the “Uniform Girlfriend” activity, which conveys the charm of uniforms!
The original activity uniforms are designed for three different people, with designs perfect for each of the three heroines.

Point 2: Connect your hearts day and night with SNS
What was that kid doing? Check the images on Constagram!
Constagram, which can be opened at any time during the story, allows you to check what the main character’s girlfriends have been up to while they are not looking.
Don’t miss out on the stories feature that will be updated for a limited time!

How and with whom you spend your holidays depends on your choices at LIME!
The main character, who has exchanged SNS with his girlfriends after they met, begins to receive invitations from his girlfriends to hang out even on holidays.
How you spend your precious holidays and with whom you spend your time can change what happens next.
Let’s choose carefully.

Point 3: A real date in your ideal city
On the subway, train, or bus, your girlfriend will sit next to you and talk to you.
The best part of a date is meeting up and heading to the destination together!
In this work, in order to give you a sense of distance from your girlfriend, we have added an effect where you can sit next to her and enjoy a conversation while moving.

The date location is a real spot! Relive the memorable places!
The date spots are all real spots in Fukuoka!
Feel like you’re actually touring Fukuoka with your girlfriend, from local gourmet food to photogenic spots.
First edition bundled bonus
1. Photo collection illustration book
2. Original soundtrack CD
3. Random set check (1 from 3 types)
character 1

Yui Konomi CV: Kaori Maeda
Grade: 2nd year high school
Blood type O type
Height: 157cm
Three sizes B82/W57/H90
Number of cups: D cup

A classmate in the same grade as the main character.
She is a lively girl with a bright smile and is naturally admired by those around her.
Contrary to her girlish appearance and behavior, she also has a manly side that lets out her frustrations through games.

“That’s because I’m a uniform girlfriend, right?”

Click to enlarge
character 2

Himari Tamayori CV: Ansaki Tachibana
Grade: 1st year high school student
Blood type O type
Height: 151cm
Three sizes B72/W56/H79
Number of cups: B cup

A lower class student of the protagonist, who is like a younger sister who works at her own pace.
She lives alone, but everyone tends to worry about her because she doesn’t have the means to support herself.
She admires being an influencer and is researching how to take selfies and look good on SNS.

“I’ve added a lot of photos of Senpai. My Senpai folder is filled with moisture again!”

Click to enlarge
character 3

Yahiro Mizakura CV: Yurie Kosakai
Grade: 3rd year high school
Blood type A type
Height: 163cm
Three sizes B87/W58/H83
Number of cups: G cup

The main character is an upperclassman and a popular model based in Fukuoka.
She is a cool and cute older sister who is good-looking and reliable.
She actually has a secret hobby that she doesn’t reveal to anyone.

“Are you glad you came to Fukuoka? Did you find anything that makes you think so?”

(Napple Mill) Popokatsu!-Anzu-chan and DSKB part-time job in the countryside- [RJ01149887]

Release date Feb/24/2024 0
Author 望月なお
Voice Actor 恋鈴桃歌
Product format
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Popokatsu! – Anzu-chan and DSKB part-time job in the countryside – [NappleMill]

A gal spirit medium [Anzu-chan] comes to the countryside to exterminate monsters.
Unknowingly, he is tricked by the lewd plague god and raped indecently.

“Semen”, the god of pestilence, induces estrus deep within the stomach.
The only way to prevent fertilization is to rely on the local doctor…!

I guess she’s a gal, rough, and sharp.
Anzu-chan, who has rocket breasts and is extremely sensitive to the smell of middle-aged men,
Will she be able to defeat the monsters that stand in her way and return to her beautiful body?

◆Game overview
Popokatsu! – Anzu-chan and DSKB part-time job in the countryside – [NappleMill]

Easy nuki game action ☆
Defeat the attacking monsters and earn money as you head for the village!

However, be careful of naughty part-time jobs…!?

Contains over 20 types of [dirty monsters]
Contains over 30 types of [erotic bites]

*We recommend checking the operation with the trial version.
◆The heroine of this work
Popokatsu! – Anzu-chan and DSKB part-time job in the countryside – [NappleMill]


A miniskirt medium who comes to the countryside to exterminate monsters and is targeted by a lewd plague god.
He dreams of making it big in the industry.

He is a picky girl and is strict with men who pick up girls, but
Due to his family circumstances, he is extremely hungry for “fatherhood,” and his big weakness is being an old man.
When he is approached by a middle-aged man, his body unconsciously reacts.

Especially his nipples are an erogenous zone.
Once he gets hooked, his erection alone won’t stop him.
His entire breast becomes a lewd rocket.
◆Another heroine version will also be released at the same time!
Popokatsu! – Anzu-chan and DSKB part-time job in the countryside – [NappleMill]

Another heroine “Ochichi Yokai Hasshaku-chan” version will also be released at the same time!!
◆First time benefit☆
Popokatsu! – Anzu-chan and DSKB part-time job in the countryside – [NappleMill]

Limited to one month from the start of sales,
It can be purchased in the first edition which includes the H event of “inflated breasts/inflated buttocks”!

Don’t miss it☆

(Napple Mill) Popokatsu! – Hasshaku-chan and DSKB part-time job in the countryside – [RJ01149861]

Release date Feb/24/2024 0
Author 望月なお
Voice Actor 西瓜すいか
Product format
File format
Supported languages
File size

Popokatsu! – Hasshaku-chan and DSKB part-time job in the countryside – [NappleMill]

[Yashaku-chan] whose path to the village was blocked and turned into a hikikomori monster.
One night, he is tricked by a lewd plague god and raped indecently.

“Semen”, the god of pestilence, induces estrus deep within the stomach.
The only way to prevent pregnancy is to rely on the local doctor…⁉

Is Yashaku-chan a secretive and poor girl whose only good thing is her boobs?
Will he be able to destroy the Dosojin that stands in his way and return to his beautiful body?

◆Game overview
Popokatsu! – Hasshaku-chan and DSKB part-time job in the countryside – [NappleMill]

Easy nuki game action.
Defeat the attacking monsters and earn money as you head for the village!

However, be careful of naughty part-time jobs…!?

Contains over 20 types of [dirty monsters]
Contains over 30 types of [erotic bites]

*We recommend checking the operation with the trial version.
◆The heroine of this work
Popokatsu! – Hasshaku-chan and DSKB part-time job in the countryside – [NappleMill]


A former urban legend about a Jizo who blocked his way to the village and secluded himself deep in the mountains.
His height has shrunk, and when he becomes weak, he is attacked by a lewd plague god.
My habit is to mutter “Popopo…”.

Her ample bust is so soft and sensitive that you can bury your fingers in it.
She is especially sensitive to milking, and when her nipples are squeezed and sucked,
Her pleasure and maternal instincts go out of control and she squirts a large amount of breast milk.

His appearance familiarizes even his innocent younger self and drives him to insemination.
◆Another heroine version will also be released at the same time!
Popokatsu! – Hasshaku-chan and DSKB part-time job in the countryside – [NappleMill]

Another heroine “Gal Spirit Medium Anzu-chan” version will also be released at the same time!!
◆First time benefit☆
Popokatsu! – Hasshaku-chan and DSKB part-time job in the countryside – [NappleMill]

For one month from the start of sales,
You can purchase it with the first edition which includes the H event of “Inflated Breasts/Inflated Butt”!

Don’t miss it☆

[Tsurumiku] Adultery Express “Yotaka” ~ Animal lust chain, midsummer fireworks festival ~ DL version + FANZA benefits [1261169]

Brand: Tsurumiku (List of works of this brand)
List price: ¥8,800 (¥9,680 including tax)
Release date: 2024/02/22
Media: DVD-ROM
JAN code: 4520424303366
Original illustrations: Minazuki Ueno, Salomako Sakurajima, Mikage Kitami, Migihi, Shichioji
Scenario: Makoccha, Chuck Miyabi, Tusk

[Special sex slave creation plan]────.

The luxury sleeper train [Mashio] and its successor, [Matsuba], were still operating smoothly.
The organization operates two lines: [High Tide] in the summer and [Matsuba] in the winter.
A further successor, the Yotaka, was launched.

Due to the global virus outbreak, it will not be possible to rebuild even after the virus has subsided.
Enliven fireworks festivals across the country with collaborative events and attract young and beautiful women.
This is a plan to secure attraction.

────The preparations are finally complete.

The worst and worst conductor [Seiji Kaido] rises again.
Getchuya Bonus: Newly recorded drama CD “Midnight Whistle is the Secretary’s…”
IMG3 Character: Iori Kumeda (CV: Yuika)

Iori is an air manager and gets anally raped in the station toilet.
While letting out her farts, she ends up gasping shamefully and cumming.
character 1

Seiji Kaido
Secretly raised by powerful people in the underworld through the [Special Sex Slave Creation Plan],
As a result, he is the worst and worst conductor who has risen to the top of the organization.

Although he has a very strong sexual desire, he also has the rationality to carefully pursue and kill his prey.

Even though he is the top of the organization, he never lets go of his job of securing females through his conductor duties.
He leaves all complicated matters to his partner Takatsuki and other trusted members of the organization.

Click to enlarge
character 2

Hime Hoshida (CV: Ryoko Tezuka)
She is a so-called honor student who is both beautiful and charming, and performs at a high level in both her studies and sports.

She doesn’t hesitate to do anything, and she tries to stay out of her surroundings as much as possible.

She was raised by her strict parents who are teachers, and is basically a serious and normal girl.

She usually interacts with flashy groups and is naturally popular with boys, so as her name suggests, she is treated as a princess.
Boys her age are too young for the princess, and she tries to avoid being viewed as an enemy by the girls’ group.

I got a free ticket at the part-time job where I work with a group of my girlfriend’s classmates, so I ride the Yotaka with my girlfriend.

Click to enlarge
character 3

Yukari Ozaki (CV: Ren Haruna)
A teacher at the school the princess attends.
She has only been in charge for a short time, and although she is in charge of the homeroom, her relationships with her students are not very deep.

She was a picture-perfect teacher with a strong sense of responsibility and caring,
After being spread a certain rumor by one of her students, she started to distrust humans.
She somehow becomes afraid of her students.

She has voluptuous breasts and an outstanding figure, which, combined with her melancholy expression, attracts men, and the constant sexual harassment is also a source of trouble for her.

The dreams she once had for her job as a teacher are being shattered, but somehow her teacher-like attitude has become ingrained in her.

She heard that the princess was going to a fireworks festival with her group of friends.
She was asked by her parents to keep an eye on her, and because she was indebted to her, she couldn’t refuse, so she pretended to be along for the ride by chance.

Click to enlarge
character 4

Kaguya Tamatsukuri (CV: Tokio Aoi)
Daughter of the representative director of the fireworks company [Enkaido].

She has a dream of one day succeeding her as the 16th generation, but her father treats her like a bastard.
She was told, “Rather than work in such a tiring job, she should get a job at a decent company and get married somewhere.”

She has no intention of giving up on Kaguya, and she studies every day, but she is not allowed to touch the fireworks.
She hears about this tour, and is excited that she will be able to research fireworks festivals around the country, so she rides the [Yotaka].

She has a rough temper inherited from her father, and is like a sister to rough men.
She has a bright and cheerful personality that tends to be influenced by her emotions, and a friend who has bad behavior.
Although she is often misunderstood due to her slightly flashy appearance, she is a genuine, kind and kind-hearted girl.

She is completely unaccustomed to the subtleties of men and women.

Click to enlarge
character 5

Akari Nunose (CV: Leo Miyoshi)
The youngest daughter of Major General Funin, a brigade commander in the National Defense Force.
She wants to ride the [Yotaka], and her father, Major General Nunin, who is kind to her youngest daughter who was born a little later, listens to her wishes and rides with her.

She barged in to secure a seat for herself at the Nighthawk, where tickets were sold by reservation only, under the pretext of “inspecting the fireworks display at the camp.”
She is accompanied by Private Satoru Kumatori, who she knows and whom her daughter is attached to, as her bodyguard.

Her mother died of an illness after giving birth to her light, and she is usually taken care of by her two older brothers who are slightly older than her.

Since her father isn’t home much, she doesn’t have many opportunities to see him, and she thinks that light is a good opportunity for him to pamper her.
Akari, who has neither her mother nor her sister, is more attached to Shoru than her brother.

Click to enlarge
character 6

Emiru Kumatori (CV: Sachi Yuzuki)
Private first class in the National Defense Force.
At the request of Major General Nunin, who is often indebted to her because her father is an acquaintance of hers, she accompanies the Nunin family as an escort and rides the Yotaka.

Since he is on an inspection mission, he is wearing military uniform.
In my true opinion, Major General Funin’s actions were, “Isn’t it mixing public and private life and an abuse of authority?” ‘, but he’s not in a position to say anything, so he stays silent.

He actually likes swords, and once he arrives at Kawachi Garrison, the local police force will be able to take over his protection until the fireworks festival is over.
He is thinking of using his free time to visit sword exhibitions in the neighborhood.

She is so beautiful that she is often invited to blind parties and has a good figure at first glance, but she has been working out and has quite a lot of muscles when she takes off her clothes.

She has a serious and honest personality, but when it comes to her hobbies, she tends to be childish and crazy.

Click to enlarge
character 7

Iori Kumeda (CV: Yuika)
She is a bespectacled beauty who originally worked as a secretary for a big-name politician.
She is basically serious, but she has the flexibility to turn a blind eye to things that are a little gray.
She defies even the slightest sexual harassment without batting an eye.

She is the perfect woman to be his secretary, as she is not overly assertive in terms of personality and style.
She quits her job as a politician’s secretary and takes a job at Seiji’s railroad company, where she is now hired as the company president’s secretary.

She was suddenly assigned to the [Yotaka] as a conductor’s secretary, a position she had never heard of, and Iori was confused, but…
Her treatment, including her salary, is exceptional, so she accepts the ride.

Click to enlarge
character 8

Miki Imazato (CV: Shio Umino)
Following on from [High Tide] and [Matsuba], she is also the deputy conductor who assists Seiji in [Yataka], and is Seiji’s wife both in public and private, and is the number one female 〇〇.

As with previous examples, the Yotaka operates long distances and over long periods of time, so Miki and several other conductors and drivers share the duties.

She has a well-proportioned figure and beauty, and is an extremely talented woman who can do most things without any hesitation.
She has a serious personality, but since she has been on many occasions, she now handles behind-the-scenes work with a certain degree of calmness.

Click to enlarge
character 9

Hitomi Gamo (CV: Shiho Nakaya)
Like Miki, she continues to work as an in-car salesperson at Yotaka.
Seiji’s assistant for behind-the-scenes business part 2.

Although she is an unreliable woman who has a timid personality and often causes failures, her ability to adapt to the environment is surprisingly high, and now we can see a glimpse of her unexpectedly bold side.

Like the conductor and driver, there are multiple sales staff on board the Yotaka, and Hitomi serves as the chief among them.

She is still more dangerous than her subordinates, but that is also seen as part of her charm, and she is even said to be taking good care of her these days.

Click to enlarge
character 10

Shoko Ogimachi (CV: Hana Soramine)
Former railway investigator.
At that time, she came onboard to investigate the mysterious disappearances that occur in [High Tide], but she was captured by Seiji and was subjected to 〇〇, and she became a female 〇〇.

She rides the [Yotaka] as the chief security officer.

Click to enlarge
character 11

Risa Yotsuhashi (CV: Haruka Fukai)
A female doctor who works at [Yotaka].

Like Shoko, she was captured during the operation of [High Tide], received 〇〇, and became a member of Seiji’s female 〇〇.

Click to enlarge
character 12

Yujiro Takatsuki
Ever since they met on [High Tide], Seiji has been a faithful subordinate to Seiji and has been working behind the scenes in various situations.

He was originally dispatched by the organization to be Seiji’s auditor, but was charmed by Seiji’s charisma,
He risked his life to betray the organization and help Seiji rise to the top.

Although he may look like a dull man, he is a mysterious man with an unknown background who has a unique community that allows him to outsmart the heavyweights who rule the underworld.

Even in [Yotaka], he continues to assist Seiji as one of the assistant conductors while being swayed by Seiji.

Click to enlarge

Tadayoshi Nunose
Commander of the National Defense Force brigade and Akira’s father.

He comes on the ride under the pretext of inspecting a fireworks festival in Osaka, but he also brings along his daughter, Akira, so he feels like a tourist, mixing business and private life.

[Chachuchogames] [VR] Does an international student from France like sex? [RJ01141854]

Release date Jan/16/2024
Voice Actor 道楽みぃ
Product format
File format
Supported languages
File size

◆Contents included◆

“I live in this house…”
The international student from France turns out to be a girl…!?
I tried to be normal with her, but she’s too cute…
Apparently she doesn’t think badly of me either…
Huh? Isn’t there something wrong with how we’re closing the distance?!


This work is a novel VR content that allows you to experience a highly realistic situation in which a French high school student comes to your house.
Imagine yourself in the protagonist’s position, increase your sense of immersion, and surrender yourself to this “exciting” situation.

☆I met Emma as a boy ○○○
☆An international student has arrived
☆After taking a bath…
☆In my room without asking my mother…
☆You might think that you can relax in the toilet…
☆Emma’s never-ending expression of love is finally here…
◆Game experience◆

⭐︎Special physical interaction
We have further fine-tuned the physical behavior that was popular in previous works to make it feel more like a real girl. As in previous works, the haptics (vibration of the controller) when touching the girl enhance the sense of reality.

⭐︎Visual enhancement for girls
We made several minor adjustments to the shader to make the girl’s skin feel more sexual.
Feel the texture of skin glowing in the ambient light up close in VR space.

⭐︎Original animation that matches the story
In this work, we have created a new animation that “licks Chi◯Chi◯ in the toilet and transitions to ◯◯◯”. Please try it out in your work.

⭐︎Free sex mode to experience in 3 spaces
You can have sex with Emma anywhere you like, such as the school bathroom, living room, or your room.

⭐︎Full voice
⭐︎Lip sync animation
⭐︎Look at me, system
⭐︎ Expressing the shaking of hair with pseudo-physical behavior

Please welcome Emma!

◆Game operation◆
Move forward, backward, left and right: left stick
Vertical movement: Right stick vertically
Quick turn: right stick horizontally
Orgasm (during free sex): Long press A or X button
Menu display: B or Y button
Decision button: Right index finger trigger
Grasp something: middle finger trigger

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
◆How to start the game◆
With Quest Link/Air Link already installed
In the “Bonjoero” folder
Please run “HiDad.exe” (application).

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
◆Common problems
“Game cannot start”
If you place the game file in a folder path that includes Japanese characters, it may not work properly.
Please store the game in a folder such as “C:\” that does not contain Japanese, and then launch it.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
◆Cautions and prohibitions
We do not provide any warranty regarding any troubles that may occur with this software.
Modification, data extraction, sale, and uploading of this software is prohibited.
We cannot be held responsible for any problems that occur when playing in environments other than those specified below.
note that.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
◆Operation confirmation environment
CPU:Intel Core i5-12600KF
Memory: 16.0GB
Grabo: Geforce RTX3060 12GB
OS: Windows 11, Windows 10
DirectX version:12
HMD used: Meta Quest2 (Quest Link/Air Link)
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
◆Production studio / Chachucho games
Chachuchogames is developing VR erotic games using Unreal Engine!
Please follow us on Twitter and Cien to get the latest information♪

(Yabukarado) Screw-in simulator TMA02 Impervious training with big breasts in a male-only female masturbator [RJ01061381]

Release date Feb/24/2024 0
Series name ネジ込みシミュレーター
Author やぶ / ニート社長
Scenario あまねP
Illustration 朝凪
Voice Actor 合歓垣天音
Product format
File format
Supported languages
File size

Game System

NejicomiSimulator TMA02 - Turning a Rude, Titanic-Tittied Slut into your Personal Heifer-hole [yabukaradoo]

* A first in ero game history! *
This interactive touching sim features character art from the legendary artist Asanagi of Amane and her ample assets in a precarious vertical split! You won’t want to miss this!

Enjoy the smooth Live2D animations as you teach this rude, lewd VTuber with titanic tits and a pathetic pussy in this onahole simulator.

Over the course of her illustrious VTubing career, her cheeky attitude has made her more than a few enemies.
One day, she wakes up in an unfamiliar room with a rope around her neck, balanced on a single leg atop a stool.
And that’s where the game begins.

Some Words from our Test Players

NejicomiSimulator TMA02 - Turning a Rude, Titanic-Tittied Slut into your Personal Heifer-hole [yabukaradoo]

* So damn hot!
* I love that all the features I could think of were included
* That VOICE!!
* Amane’s orgasm moans are so sexy that I couldn’t stop myself!
* Art.
* Compared to previous entries in the series, there’s a lot of new and improved stuff on offer.
* I love that it feels like you’re really talking with her!
* Might be the first time I got turned on by a girl having a nosebleed.
* It’s like I’m really doing it with Amane.
* There are so many combinations of things to use! Endless entertainment!
* I really liked that there was a time stop feature, as well as smacking, and golden showers.
* Making her my toy and just leaving her there was awesome.
* Playing while listening to Amane moan makes it feel like she’s really there!
* Super natural, and with all the different voiced lines as you tease her, it’s hard not to be turned on all the time.
* You can really feel the attention to detail with the different voices while she’s gagged, etc!
* As a fan of both Asanagi and Amane, this is everything!

CV: Amane Nemugaki (@amane_sopra)

NejicomiSimulator TMA02 - Turning a Rude, Titanic-Tittied Slut into your Personal Heifer-hole [yabukaradoo]

This is an official collab with VTuber Amane Nemugaki!
You won’t believe the variety of voice recordings we have that fully unlock the world of Asanagi.

How you decide to train her will affect her voice in real-time.
She’ll start out defiant, but watch her attitude change as you shape her personality – she’ll be happily drinking your dick milk in no time!
Every single line works with a ball gag! You won’t want to miss out on her realistic performance.

(There are no looped animations in this work. All motions are created by special physical and emotional parameters synced to the sex.)

Customize your experience with options such as ball gags, ear tags, swimsuits, blindfolds, collars, squirt amount and milk yield, dick size, breast, thigh, and butt size, and more!


NejicomiSimulator TMA02 - Turning a Rude, Titanic-Tittied Slut into your Personal Heifer-hole [yabukaradoo]

Click and drag to control:
* Head * Torso * Breasts * Thighs * Male
Each part has different movements. Try them all out to see what you like best!

Double-clicking the following parts will let you smack ’em.
* Head * Torso * Breasts * Thighs
Make sure you train your heifer well!

You can click and drag each part individually, but you can also take things up a notch by using the recording function.
The recording function allows you to combine the actions of multiple parts. Shake her around a little in the first recording, manipulate her tits in the second recording, change the male in the third recording, etc., and then combine them all to create an original animation.
Make your own animation just the way you like it!

Ample Camera Effects

NejicomiSimulator TMA02 - Turning a Rude, Titanic-Tittied Slut into your Personal Heifer-hole [yabukaradoo]

* Change the character lighting to match preset backgrounds
Dim the lights for evening or nighttime scenes for a real sense of obscenity. (Images shown here are from development. Final product may vary.)

* Load your favorite image or video as a background
You can load JPG / PNG / MP4 format files as backgrounds in the game.
Load your own images and videos and recreate your favorite situations.

* Camera effects aplenty
You can turn on/off three camera effects: background lighting effect, light diffusion, and reflection of outlines due to backlight (rim light).
You can use the background image as a light source and adjust the light diffusion and rim light to create a sense of atmosphere.
Enjoy creating your own dramatic video shoot.

* Equipped with a free video recording function!
You can export the game screen as an MP4 video file at any time.

Compatible with an Electronic Masturbator!

NejicomiSimulator TMA02 - Turning a Rude, Titanic-Tittied Slut into your Personal Heifer-hole [yabukaradoo]

Connect your “Hakutou-Hime” electronic masturbator via Bluetooth (PC or Android version) for an even more realistic experience!

* About the Trial Version
It’s possible that your system may not run the game correctly due to the processing power required for real-time reactions. Please download and run the trial version to check for any errors that may occur.
The trial version has limited settings options.

* We’re also posting development progress on Twitter.
You can also get a sneak peek at what kind of animations we have in store for you – why not take a look and see?

[Ketama Cube] Gakuen Nymphomania Ver1.12 [RJ01144567]

Release date Feb/06/2024
Update information Feb/16/2024

Product format
File format
Supported languages
File size

◆The sports honors student falls for a gal and goes to the hotel area with her new dad today…
Gakuen Nymphomania [Kedama Qube]

 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
Sayaka Minazuki is the ace of a strong women’s volleyball team.
In addition to her high physical ability, she also has excellent grades, a plump bust, and good looks…
She would have been considered the ideal honor student by the students around her.

However, she develops nymphopathy due to her childhood trauma…
She had a dark side called nymphomania.
Once she develops the symptoms, she immediately goes into heat and cannot control herself with her rationality.

Sayaka, worried about her problems, consults Chie Hirose, her insurance doctor…
◆A stage-falling and stage-busting game with the theme of father life
Gakuen Nymphomania [Kedama Qube]

◆Work content
 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
・Basic model CG…33 types
・Animation CG…More than 700 cuts
・Erotic events…More than 70 types

・Bote differences, black gal differences, short anime…etc.
・Reminiscence room, fully open immediately

This work was created with the concept of creating a moving pregnant woman.
It’s a gal-fallen-dad RPG.
All erotic events are composed of animations,
We especially put a lot of effort into anime related to pregnant women.

Control the main character, Sayaka, and live her student life.
Classes, club activities, part-time jobs, managing father activities, etc.
Sayaka’s fate will change dramatically depending on the actions the player chooses.
◆ Check out the differences between gals and bots!

Gakuen Nymphomania [Kedama Qube]

If you proceed with the rape route, it will be possible to make a gal fall.
There is no trace of the volleyball girl who once shone on the court…
Gakuen Nymphomania [Kedama Qube]

One of the highlights of this work is the fall of the gal.
We are enriching it with both differences.
Gakuen Nymphomania [Kedama Qube]

The state is also reflected in erotic events.
*No pregnancy + normal condition
Gakuen Nymphomania [Kedama Qube]

*Pregnant + gal status

◆Introducing the dad matching system

Gakuen Nymphomania [Kedama Qube]

Sayaka’s friend puts her in charge of matching dads with high school girls.
At first, she is a busy dad who only eats.
Gakuen Nymphomania [Kedama Qube]

As the story progresses, new fathers who want to have sex will be added.
Gakuen Nymphomania [Kedama Qube]

Earn a lot of money by matching girls who match your dad’s hobbies and play activities!
Gakuen Nymphomania [Kedama Qube]

Eventually, the purpose of pregnancy will change to Ninmoku Papa’s activities, and she will be able to cum inside with pleasure.

◆Enjoy her student life as Sayaka Minazuki!

Gakuen Nymphomania [Kedama Qube]

Eroste and simple cross-sectional diagrams are also included!
You can see at a glance her own sexual experience and the father of her baby.
Gakuen Nymphomania [Kedama Qube]

The rape route is not the only one!
There is also a lover route, where you can enjoy loving sex.
Gakuen Nymphomania [Kedama Qube]

Save money with short-term part-time jobs!
Some of them are naughty part-time jobs…
Gakuen Nymphomania [Kedama Qube]

As you explore the school and the downtown area, you will meet many different people and have accidents.


-This game is made using RPG Maker MV.
-Unexpected errors may occur depending on the environment, so
We strongly recommend checking the operation with the trial version before purchasing.
– Save data from the trial version Ver. 1.20 can be used in the regular version. Please move the save folder.
・The 32bit version from regular version Ver1.10 and trial version Ver1.30 must be overwritten with the 32bit version of nwjs.
Please note that it will not be operational.

Ci-en accepts opinions, impressions, and defects regarding the work.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but please visit the circle page from the link.

[askot] Girls with scat hobby 2 [RJ01105672]

Release date Nov/01/2023
Series name スカトロ
Author askot
Scenario エルフの人
Illustration 芋塚ぱにくる / 椎名波
Voice Actor 分倍河原シホ
Product format
File format
Supported languages
File size

The sample image has a mosaic on the excrement, but the product version does not have a mosaic on the excrement.


1. New idol

While filming a CD jacket in the park, Tomomi feels the need to go to the bathroom.
She asked the staff for permission and when she arrived at the bathroom, she saw that the character was out of order.
The decision that idol Tomomi made…

2. Part-time job for broke students

The student dance is
She plays a smartphone game for the first time and ends up paying for it.
What kind of part-time job does she do when she is short on money?

3. Her junior librarian girlfriend

She goes on a date with her and you give her high heels as a birthday present.
In return, she says she can do whatever she wants.
So what you are asking for is…
(This scenario is scheduled for additional updates)

■Main stew■

This is a scatological work.

Japanese-style and Western-style toilet defecation
wild feces
For example, ask them to show you where they poop.
(There is no actual sex situation)

There are no hard expressions of scatology (enema, smearing of feces, coprophagia, etc.).

In response to requests from the previous work, there are scenes where the heroine is alone and no man appears.


This is an adventure game (AVG).
CG viewing/reminiscence mode available.
Has advanced configuration functions such as volume adjustment.
All H scenes are fully voiced (except for the main character).


Imozuka Panikuru

H scene basic CG 4 sheets
Total number of CG including differences: 149
Total of 4 scenes

Two additional scenes will be updated.
Scheduled to be updated at the end of March 2024.


Elf person

■Character voice■

Shiho Bubaigawara


Please be sure to check the startup using the trial version.


Operating environment
Win 10/8/7

[Nyuu Koubou] Yariste Mesbuter Mysterious rules just for me! If you win against a female trainer, it’s obvious that you’ll have sex [RJ01082861]

Release date Sep/01/2023
Update information Feb/20/2024

Author にゅう工房 / ぬぷ竜の里
Scenario にゅう工房
Illustration にゅう工房
Product format
File format
Supported languages
File size

An RPG with over 150 monsters to collect!
And if you win in battle, you get a sexy surprise!

Train your monsters to fight, and aim for the top spot! Luckily, you’ve got a secret weapon: the Cheat Tackle. But is it enough to carry you through the ranks?

In this world, there are monsters call Yarimon. Our down-on-his-luck hero was a Yarimon trainer without much skill… until the day his main monster learned “Cheat Tackle”, a move with 800,000 ATK. With this, any opponent will go down in a single hit!

But that’s not enough to be the very best. Our hero will need to polish his own skills to seize the glory. But his first victory over his childhood rival was enough to light a fire in his heart… well, that and the reward money.

Wait, there’s no reward money? There’s just… sex!!?

His rival removed her panties. It seems that this is just how her family does things when it comes to Yarimon battles. And… everyone else’s family, apparently! And only when it comes to me!

“Am I out of touch? Maybe it’s everyone else who’s wrong…” thought our hero.

But oh well! Might as well fuck ‘er good! She may have been a virgin, but that’s the price of failure… Apparently.

Now that he’s defeated his rival, our hero can set out on an epic Yarimon journey of his own. As he travels the world and uncovers its mysteries, he’ll also get to uncover the privates of any girl who loses a battle to him. Will he even have the energy left to catch every Yarimon there is? That’s up to you!

All 66 girls have H scenes!
There are 138 base HCGs with 3,000 variations… that’s right, three THOUSAND!!!
(* Hand-drawn animation frames)

Oh, and there are also over 150 monsters to collect, too.
All characters are rendered in detailed pixel art graphics, with pose art including facial variations.
You can even catalogue the girls you’ve fucked and check out their scenes any time you want!

– The translated content in this work was done using machine translation (AI translation).