[Wolf RPG Editor] [TeamJOKER] Exor-Sister Yui [English]

Release Date: 2018-11-04
Developer: TeamJOKER – TwitterDLSITE
Censored: Yes
Version: 1.01
OS: Windows
Language: English, Japanese

The best of the best. The most powerful of female Exorcists… “EXORSISTER”. Ordered by the church, Yui Kagura sets off on her mission to investigate a serial poltergeist incident, but awaiting her was… a nefarious trap set by the evil spirits specifically for the purpose of tormenting human woman.​


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[Unity] [HTSS Games] How To PUA (Space) [English]

Release Date: 2018-10-19
Developer: WebsiteItch.io
Censored: No
Version: 5.4.00
OS: Windows
Language: English

Well, an Adult Anime Visual Novel/Space Exploration (Gal-)Game, that allows you to date the different girls aboard the NSFW Cauldron, your dedicated research vessel, while improving your IRL dating skill while “just” playing the game

• Fully Animated Sex Scenes
• Subconscious RL Dating skill improvement
• Space Exploration with LAZORS!!! (Wait, that was in the trailer already^^°°°)
• 3 cute and (partially) sweet girls to date – and a low-key perverted ship AI
• A Tsundere in consentual bondage
• A not too unique Match-3 System (wait, shouldn’t this be just the Pro’s of this game?)
• Streamer-Support. The game has a special censored Mode for Youtube


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[Flash] [EtchingEdge] KYOKO to the MAX [English]

Release Date: 2016-03-31
Developer: EtchingEdge – DLSiteTwitter
Censored: Yes (Mosaics)
Version: v1.1.4
OS: Windows
Language: English, Japanese

Wield pleasure as a weapon and save cuties as you crush lowlife bastards!! A side-scrolling end of the millennium action game.

The year is 20XX and civilization has collapsed.
Savage bandits and vulgar creatures run rampant on cute girls.
It’s an age ruled completely by violence and sex.

One hope glimmers, a fighter known as the G Warrior who derives strength from pleasure.

Can Kyoko, the G Warrior, save this world?!


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[VN] [elle-MURAKAMI] The Maiden Rape Assault – Violent Semen Inferno [English]

Release Date: 2006-03-08
Developer: elle-MURAKAMI – DLSITE
Censored: Yes
Version: 1.0
OS: Windows
Language: English

This is a gripping story about fiery vengeance and a sinister revenge plot. Experience the brutality that unfolds and evil deeds taken to the extreme! Our beautiful maidens are waiting; don’t resist the temptation to participate in a unique sexual fantasy.​

*Your childhood sweetheart, the bride, and the wife, meet and r*pe all of them!
No compromise, no forgiveness, no mercy… A full on assault!
*All our heroines are all voice acted by professionals! Experience their desperate cries!
*You have to see for yourself! Squeeze cum into our women till they are full and pregnant!
*Gruesome sound effects have been included to fully immerse you in the story!
*CG only mode lets you watch your favorite rape scenes!
*Scene mode lets you play through your favorite r*pe scenes again and again!
*Full voice, sound effects and an atmospheric musical score!
*SVGA (800×600) Full screen and windowed mode supported!


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[RPGM] [orange~] Fear & Hunger [English]

Release Date: 2017-05-21
Developer/Publisher: orange~
Censorship: no
Language: English
Version: v1.0.3
OS: Windows, Mac
Store: itch.io

Fear & Hunger is a horror dungeon crawler set in the dark and hopeless dungeons of fear and hunger. Four misfortuned adventurers dwell deeper and deeper to the darkness and uncover the secrets this ancient fortress holds inside. The fortress works as an ancient nexus for different planes of existence. The depths are in an eternal turmoil as both old and new gods struggle for power, it’s up to the players to choose their position and stance in all of this.

The game is a hybrid of survival horror and dungeon crawler genres with its influences ranging from Silent Hill to Nethack. There are roguelike elements to the game as well as a heavy foundation of a j-RPG. Fear & Hunger is heavy on atmosphere and ruthless in its difficulty.



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[Unity] [Moflight] Blinding Bangs Mob Ninja Kaede [English]

Release Date: 2019-01-07
Developer: Moflight
Censored: No (Hex edited out)
Version: 1.0
OS: Windows
Language: English (Translations on guide, intro, and end)

Control Kaede the ninja girl and defeat evil ogres!​

* There are 5 types of enemies.
Each of which will cause an erotic scene upon collision with Kaede.
Clearing the game will unlock gallery mode.

* Contains Voice, SFX and BGM!

[Production Staff]
Voice: Miki Honda
Illustration: toga
Production Assistance: KooooN Soft (Kokuei, Hougetsu)


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[RPGM] [sugar star] Life is Paradise [English]

Release Date: 2012-08-03
Developer: sugar star
Censored: yes
OS: Windows
Language: English(patched)
Store: DLsite
Translator: Awkweird_Dude

You’ve won the Ramen Delight World Traveler Sweepstakes!
Claim your prize of a paradise plot of land:
beautiful beaches and nature await you.
Start your new life today!”

With letter in hand you departed the small town
you grew up in.

But when you arrived on the island…

The plot of land you were promised was a barren nothing.

You have to build your new life from scratch.
Assemble wood, build homes and shops, and
create the dream paradise yourself. :)

You’ll meet locals to fight and love, by permission
or with lustful force, and choose your bride.

Make lemonade from lemons with
your so-called sweepstakes reward.
Life is paradise.

Warning: heartwarming, but depending on your choice brutal results are possible.


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[Unity] [CherryGirls] Nade Nade Onna no Ko 6.1 -Battle F*ck With Fallen Angel- [English]

Release Date: 2018-11-03
Developer: CherryGirls
Censored: No
Version: 1.1
OS: Windows
Language: English

Have a sexy showdown (battle f*ck) with a fallen angel girl. Instead of a turn-based battle, you fondle her in real time! Enjoy real-time animation in reaction to the player’s “osawari” (touching). Once you break thru her guard, the fallen angel starts to feel REALLY good!​

* Romantic ecchi mode*

A staple of the Nade Nade Onna no Ko series!
Claim victory with a Battle F*ck and then get super cozy!
For those who want romantic action fast, it’s for you!
Get serviced by the devil’s orgasmic minion. Touchy touch! Affection up!

– stroke her face
– pull her nose up like a piggy
– massage her boobs
– pinch her nipples
– touch her butt
– squeeze her p*ssy
– finger her wet clitoris
– fingerf*ck her
– lick her p*ssy
– vibratory play
– squirting
– penetrative sex
– bukkake
– creampie
– continuous orgasms
– she plays with her nipples
– she plays with her p*ssy
– bondage prodding
– nipple teasing machine
– clit teasing machine
– dildo device
– breast sex
– blowjob
– handjob
– engorged tits and clit
– futanari
… and more!


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[Unity] [Fox Muffler] Nina and the Dungeon of Beastly Pleasure [English]

Developer/Publisher: Fox Muffler
Censorship: yes
Language: English & Japanese
Version: Complete
OS: Windows, Mac
Store: Dlsite
Translator: Official English

Nina is a female adventurer visiting historical ruins all across the world.
Control Nina to explore dungeons!

There are 6 dungeons with mechanical monsters, tentacled monsters, goblins and so on and on…

When she comes under a monster’s restraining attack, her pose art changes!​

Mac : MEGA


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(Game) [Toukaido] Shota Fight! ~Battle F*ck with Girls~ [English]

Developer/Publisher: Toukaido
Censorship: Yes (mosaic)
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English

This is a pixel based 2D ACT game.
Control a young boy to defend himself from the assault of erotic girls!

If defeated he will undergo various punishments like
energy absorption, reverse r*pe, footjob, nipple fondling and…

Don’t miss the variant sock artwork created with the developer’s keen foot fetish!
(sometimes the difficulty level affects the repertory of variant artworks)​


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