[RPGM] [Iron Chain Council] Fallen Empire [Final] [English]

Release Date: 2016-02-24
Developer: Iron Chain Council – Dlsite
Censored: yes
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English (machine translator/ manually translated)


Arya, a young soldier in the old country, fights to change the fate of herself and his younger sister.

This is a classic turn-based RPG set in the terminal snowlands.
Lose one’s way and one may be screwed. Dabble in prostitution, taste the bitterness of defeat,
sometimes make friends. Your choices will impact the women in the story.
Battles are tactical 1-vs-1 with two-part management of movement, attack.

The story progresses by doing quests. Clear areas and move on; in principle, you can’t play a cleared map twice.
(Some maps can be revisited as many times as you want.)

Scene replay mode has an option to auto-advance dialogue text.

There are 3 difficulty options for players who prefer different levels of challenge.
You can also disable features if you’re simply having bad luck and want to proceed.

845 total cut-in CGs appear during battles
Among these Cgs are r*pe, 3 varieties of knockdown, 5 varieties of insertion
Failure scenes play out when MP and HP reach zero
Downtime between scenes is minimal; H action occurs almost every 10-15 minutes
There are 42 scenes + 5 H battle patterns + 2 general purpose scenes (49 total)
51 base CGs are utilized (of which 44 are H scenes), with variants for 1290 total


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[VN] [Petit Pajamas] Lilium x Triangle [Final] [English]

Release Date: Japanese 2004-06-27 English 2019-02-14
Original title: リリウム×トライアングル
Developer: Petit Pajamas
Publisher: JAST USA
Censored: Uncensored/No Mosaics
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English
VNDB: Lilium x Triangle
Length: Short (2 – 10 hours)
Voices: Japanese

Haruka, a succubus from the demon world, came to the human world with one goal: To kiss tons of cute human girls and suck their vital energy! However, she’s had no luck with that and ends up collapsing in the street, only to be found by sisters Yuuna and Sana. She immediately latches onto them and ends up as a freeloader living in their home. Haruka is more than happy being in this predicament, but everything changes when Sana, the younger of the two sisters, confesses to her.
Finally awakened by her romantic desires, Haruka comes to a realization that’s going to turn her world upside-down:
“It’s a feeling of wanting to be together with someone forever. Spending every day together… That’s why… I can’t hold it back any longer. Because I love…”​


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[RPGM] [nagiyahonpo] Young Girls Inside the Abolished School [Full] [English]

Release Date: 2019-03-16
Developer: nagiyahonpo
Censored: yes
OS: Windows
Language: English
Store: DLsite

An RPG about 10 sisters who inherit a shut-down school property via their mother’s will.
Each girl has different ideas about what to do with it.
But none of them expected the secret within…
Girls disappear. Enemies attack.
And a dormant power within comes to light…

Should the sisters fail a banquet of assault beyond their imagination is waiting.
Petals of the most regal sister will be strewn, privates will be penetrated, storms — storms! — of jizz will flow.​


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[Wolf RPG Editor] [Circle Streak] Naked Order [v1.2] [English]

Release Date : 2016-09-22
Developer: Circle Streak
Censored : Partial
Version: 1.2
OS: Windows
Language: English(Translated)

They came and took Rin’s little sister as collateral for her father’s unpaid debts.
Now Rin is on a mission to buy her little sister back, but there’s a catch: she has to do it naked.
Roaming nude in the street, she searches town and tries to avoid detection……


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[VN] [Ren’Py] [Sexyverse Games] Titans Tower [v1.0a] [English]

Release Date: 2018-10-31
Developer: Sexyverse
Censorship: No
Version: 1.0a
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

Try to get with Starfire, Jinx and Raven! All three will have many interactions as you live at Titans Tower! Who will you get with?​


Extras: Art Pack


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[RPGM] [Shimizuan] Deus Ex Machina ~Satan from Foreign World~ [Final] [English]

Release Date: 2019-03-05
Developer: Shimizuan
Censored: yes
OS: Windows
Language: English
Store: DLsite

In 22nd Century, due to remarkable growth of technology, robots were naturally blending into human society.
Looking around the city, robots with identical looks to humans are walking in the street naturally.
It is difficult to distinguish them even after having communications with them.
AI seemed to have such high intelligence by this age…

With that being said. the robots named “Sexaroids” was in trend.
These are the robots to satisfy humans’ libido, and the millionaires who got bored of having sex with humans
were enjoying somewhat abnormal hobbies with these robots…
However, Makina in the army did not take this trend positively,
since her policy to always keep her integrity in herself conflicted with what most of the citizens were thinking of…

Despite Makina’s impressions, people were fully cherishing and were becoming dependent of newest technology.
However, one day, a big issue which was enough to make the humans fall in despair has occurred.
Satan and his army suddenly came from foreign world with his castle to human world.
Moreover, Satan has started attacking humans to also take over human world.
An elimination of men and seeding to women has started by Satan’s Army.

Government has commanded the army to fight back this intolerable situation.
The war became bigger and bigger, which ended up becoming the war between whole Satan’s Army and human worldwide…
In order to end this war, special forces of army decided to start a mission.
That was to secretly send a soldier to Satan’s castle which most of their men have left due to war and destroy Satan’s Army from inside.
Such plan was delegated to Makina, who recorded a number one score in simulation training held that year.
Under huge responsibility and high pressure on her, Makina sneaked into Satan’s castle and started her mission…


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(Game) [Umanori Knights] Revenge Swordswoman Raspberry [Final] [English]

Release Date: 2019-03-09
Developer: Umanori Knights
Censored: Yes
OS: Windows
Language: English
Voice: Japanese
Store: DLsite

Raspberry was a girl in the cavalry…and she headed out to kill the demons.
This was to take revenge on the demon group for attacking her kingdom.

This was burned into Raspberry’s brain. That tragic day.

People killed one after another in front of her…
The day that Raspberry lost everything…her family, the country she needed to protect

Looking down on the burning kingdom from a cliff, Raspberry vows revenge.
The revenge battle for Raspberry had begun…


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[RPGM] [Happy Life] Meltys Quest [v1.2k] [English]

Developer/Publisher: Happy Life サークルプロフィール | DLsite Maniax – 成人向け
Translator: Remtairy is creating official English localizations of Japanese adult video games | Patreon
Censorship: None
Version: v1.2k
OS: Windows
Language: English (Translated)

Princess Meltys spent all her life fooling around while living in the lap of luxury. One day the dastardly Grolido Monster Empire upsets her way of life. Now she sets out on a passionate journey to restore her kingdom, but what pit stops will she make along the way?

Extras: CG Pack


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(Game) [AlexProject] Homeless World [Final] [English]

Release Date: 2019-03-12
Developer/Publisher: AlexProject
Censored: Yes
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English
Voice: Japanese
Store: Dlsite

Tramp SLG.
Pick garbage in the town.
Find secrets of local residents.
And threaten them for your own benefits.


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[Flash] [KooooN Soft] Tifa – Interactive Touching Game 2 [Uncensored] [English Partial]

Release Date: 2010-04-29
Developer: KoooonSoftDLsite
Censored: Uncensored (fuck you censorship)
Language: Japanese (instructions in english below in the game)

Also known as Tifa BDSM.
Once again Tifa got captured tied-up in bondage. Although she is trying to break free she’s still all at your disposal.
Now it’s up to you to decide her fate, so move her around, undress and touch her up, dominate her, and “enjoy” her company!
Just be gentle with her, she’s still one of our favourite Final Fantasy characters.​

【About image quality】
The image quality setting of this work is usually set to “MIDDLE (Medium)”.
If there is room for operation, please improve the image quality by clicking the cursor with “QUALITY” on the upper left of the screen and setting it to “HIGH (high)” “BEST (highest)”.
On the other hand, if the operation is heavy, the operation may be lighter by having the image quality “LOW (low)”.
Still if it is heavy, it may be improved by making the window size as small as possible.

【About operation method】

Basically you can enjoy it with the mouse only operation.
Search for the hit judgment of each part, please refer to the message displayed at the bottom left and try using various kinds of clicks and dragging.
Although it is designed to be able to operate with some intuition to some extent, here are some tips on playing.

Standing mode:
● When the mode is “seeing”, you can look at each place.
When you look at some embarrassing points when you are in an aversive state, there is a change in the state.
● When the mode is “touch”, you can touch various parts.
Rubbing my breasts, messing with my crotch … … Pleasure gauge is easy to rise.
● When the mode is “licking”, you can lick each place.
Pleasure gauge is easy to rise. Also, you can kiss when used on your face.
● When the mode is “hit”, you can hit each part.
The cruel gauge will rise accordingly. When you hit a lot, there is a change in the state.
● When the mode is “Remove”, you can remove clothes.
“Tank Top” “Suspender” “Skirt” “Pants” can be removed.
It is necessary to remove it to insert fingers.
● When the mode is “shaving”, under hair can be shaved.
You can remove underwear or use it in a staggered state.
● When mode is “Aphrodisiac injection”, you can inject aphrodisiac and increase the pleasure gauge greatly.
Disgusting, shame when you inject about 4 places, there is a change in the state.
● By satisfying the conditions, the “Scene change” button appears and you can shift to “Insert mode”.

Insert mode:
● By satisfying the condition, the insert button appears and you can shift to the insertion standby state.
In that state, click on the secret part etc. to do the insertion.
If the ejaculation gauge rises to the maximum, ejaculation can be done.
Insertion and ejaculation can be done in both the secret part and the anus.

I dare not have a purpose in play.
Please try looking for your own way of playing.


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